Hello darlings!

This adventure is one that has been a long time coming…I’ve been cooking for, well, 20 years as a professional farmwife.

That doesn’t mean I’m amazing…just someone who’s logged a lot of hours in the kitchen and have picked up a few tricks and tips along the way. Not to mention have tried 100’s of recipes that were either AMAZING or HORRIBLE. (There hasn’t been a lot in between…lol)

I am a farmer/rancher’s wife…which means that I am faced with feeding a crew on a regular basis and the majority of the time have a freezer (actually 2!) full of beef.

And what do we all know is the most common theme in said freezer?! Yup, ground beef. Not only do I have 300+ pounds of hamburger, I was using the same boring old recipes over and over….

And so, I decided to do something about it.

Here for my E-cookbook, I have literally cooked up a wealth of ground beef recipes and it’s yours to purchase, download, print and cook. It’s that easy!

For $10.00 CAD you get 20 ground beef recipes tried out on my crew of hungry men and (picky!!) kids! All are quick, simple and delicious!

My E-cookbook is available to purchase!! Just click on the link below to purchase!!


Thanks babes and happy cooking!!!!!