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Getting back to the basics…Closet Cleanout~Step 5

For step 5 I’m reposting something I wrote about a year ago…it’s still applicable today. For this step it’s all about restocking the wardrobe.

You’ve already written out a list of what you have that fits and you love…so now it’s time to fill in the blanks. This post includes all that will build a BASIC wardrobe. Once you have this, you can mix and match easily and adding the frills is the fun part after!!

It’s a brand new year…so what better time to take stock of your wardrobe and then shop till you drop! This is a post that I wrote before for CopperWest and thought it was time to put it out on my blog! 

Taking a good look at your wardrobe every season is a great way to keep on top of what is and isn’t working for you. Everyone has those items in their closet that take up space and never seems to be appropriate or look “right”. And who hasn’t had a day of “I have NOTHING to wear!?!” while standing knee-deep in clothes! 

Well ladies, here is a list of the basics that EVERY closet needs to be usable and incredibly fantastic. Just take the basics, add YOUR flare to them and poof….you have a closet to envy! 

  • – Fitted White Shirt (buy 2 if you find one that looks fab!)
  • – Trench Coat (in neutral or leopard…whatever floats your boat!)
  • – Turtleneck, Fitted Tees & Tanks (each in a couple neutral colors)
  • – Jeans (straight leg, trouser, dark & a fun “weekend” pair)
  • – Sweaters (v-neck, cardigan and a fun chunky knit)
  • – Pencil Skirt
  • – A pair of neutral colored fitted Trousers
  • – Little Black Dress (of course!!)
  • – A GORGEOUS wool knee-length coat (I have one in turquoise…doesn’t have to be the basic black!)
  • – Knee high boots
  • – Pumps (black)
  • – A pair of cute flats/those GREAT cowboy boots you can’t live without!
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Now these are just the basics…mix and match to your taste and only buy what works for you!! And then to these you add YOUR style…a hot Hair-on-Hide purse, that smokin’ large Turquoise stone necklace or that HUGE pair of sunglasses…that’s the fun part and what will make your closet yours. And by having the basics and layering your accessories on top, it will take your wardrobe from impractical and frustrating to one a Farmer’s Trophy Wife would be proud of!!

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In the past I’ve written about wardrobe basics and what purses are vital to own….and yes, I believe purses are necessary for life…just like air and food! So today I’m gonna talk about accessories!!!!!!

Are you as excited as I am?!!?

Since this is a topic that I could talk about FOREVER….I’ll take it easy on you and break it down into a few posts….

The first thing is the WHY…

To me, accessories are what adds my personality to my clothes. A white tee is just a white tee…

until you add your favorite necklace, and then…magic!!!

And really, who doesn’t like a little magic in their lives?!

Accessories are there to add the flash and fun to our clothes, so make sure you try new things….if you adore those HUGE chandelier earrings that brush your shoulders, go for it. Life is too short, don’t be afraid of making “mistakes”, if you love it that’s all that matters. And if you have pieces  that you are saving for a special occasion…wear them today! Everyday is special, so why have something you treasure hidden away in your room? Bring it out and show it off! My mom gave me this advice after a dear friend of hers passed away. Mom had some diamond earrings that Dad had given her years ago that were sitting in her dresser waiting for the right occasion. The day of the funeral my Mom put those earrings in and has worn them everyday since. Sure, they might be a little flashy for mowing the lawn, but they make her smile and remind her of her dear friend and my dad. I can’t think of a better reason than that to fall in love with accessories. They make you happy and show the world who you are….I think my personal accessories scream flashy, fabulous and fun…

What do yours say? Or better yet…what do you want them to say?!


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Summer wardrobe…

Hand-Crocheted Dress - Blue Label -

Summer has arrived and with it, the 30+ degree temps and the need for a cool wardrobe!! This makes me happy, 1- because I love the heat and 2- because it’s time to reassess my wardrobe for summer.

A new wardrobe season is a great time to look at your clothes and really evaluate them. Do they still fit? Are they still in style? What do you love and what did you wear only once last season?

My closet is as pared down as it gets. I feel no regrets or hesitations about giving clothes away to charity that I don’t wear. If it didn’t make it out of my closet last season more than once, chances are pretty good, it won’t again this year.

My method of assessing my wardrobe is fairly simple. First I dig all my summer clothes out from storage and as I pull it from the bins, sort it into piles, Love, Hate or Maybe. This is helpful right off the bat as the “hate” pile is immediately put into the donation bags, I don’t even bother trying them on. Then the “maybe” pile is attacked, does it fit and is it still in style. Having babies has made this entertaining, as I have been a range of sizes over the last 3 summers. Not pregnant, just post-baby and pregnant, makes for an interesting assortment of clothes!! And then I approach the “like” pile, if it fits and I think it will work, it’s put in the closet and added to the list. The list is my attempt at organizing my life. I make note of everything I have that will work this summer and use it when determining what I still need.

What comes next is my favourite part! I have a notebook that is full of clothing and style ideas, I’ve written about it before…it’s FABULOUS!!! As I browse through my notebook, I make a list of what I need to pull these looks together.  I might already have the white tee and statement necklace, all I need is a pair of cute safari inspired shorts and I’ve got my look!