Home Sweet Home

In our porch…

Welcome to our front porch and as any farm or ranch wife knows…this can make or break a woman.

Endless mud, dust, dog/cat/horse hair and cow manure is trekked in daily. Not to mention the numerous coats, hats, boots and stuff that is always needed, because it never fails that you put away the winter clothes and it snows…in June. Oh, and don’t forget the vaccination guns, gloves, bug spray, sunscreen and argh…..you get the drift!

Cute kid chaps that we found in Las Vegas and my husband’s old steer-riding rope.

I LOVE the longhorns…again, Vegas. That was a great shopping trip! I LOVE Cowboy Christmas!!

And our fabulous bench…I use this thing a million times a day, usually the car seat is sitting on top, and the hooks are a dream….my daughter can reach no problem!


This is my attempt at a Pottery Barn decorating trick…they always have photos tucked everywhere and I love the look.

(And yes, that’s my hubby steer-riding, I think he was about 13?)

 My version of organizing…the vintage crates hold all my kid’s boots, shoes, mitts, etc.

My daughter can get out and put away her stuff easily!