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Reader Request…Carol!

I got this message from Carol this week on facebook…

Okay, I’m a tomboy. I’m more comfy in jeans, fitted tee and boots than anything. I own one skirt and I’ve never worn it. A friend told me I needed to stop being afraid to be a girl and wear a dress. I would love for you to guide me. Did I mention I’m also cheap? I would love to find some things and put him in his place!

This sounds like a challenge Carol!!!! I am sooo in! And I KNOW you will look fab!!!

My best advice is that when you go shopping, take someone with you that you trust to tell you the truth, and who’s fashion style you admire. That way, you know that when they tell you no, believe them, and when they say yes…BELIEVE THEM!! It will sooo not feel normal or comfortable trying on dresses or skirts, but like anything else, time fixes everything! You will get used to it eventually and then they will start to feel as normal as wearing your jeans! That said, I will be the first to step up and admit that I am not much of a dress or skirt girl either. I just feel more me in jeans, but I will totally break out the fabulousness when the occasion calls for it! 🙂

Start out slow, try looking for dresses or skirts for stuff like grocery shopping or running errands…that way you can ease into the whole skirt-thing in a casual way. Here are a couple of ideas for those kind of days…

At this point, don’t go nuts and buy a bunch of skirts or dresses, start with one or two…and they can translate into several looks depending on the stuff you wear with them! And don’t worry about spending lots of $$, there are fabulous outlet stores out there (love you Tommy Hilfiger!!!) and they carry some great quality items for less than they would normally be!

Once you find a skirt or dress that you like, bring it home, and work with that fabulous friend to go through your closet and create some outfits together. Use what you already have and this will help you feel confident when you step out…If everything is new, then you won’t feel like you AT ALL. And that’s not good! Here are some ideas using the dresses I found above…not knowing your body type, I can’t recommend any specific style, so when you are out shopping, try on any and everything!! This is the fun part, don’t feel discouraged if things don’t fit or look good, it is the clothes not your body. Every designer cuts and styles clothes differently, you just have to do the homework and find that designer that works for you! I have LONG arms, and the majority of shirts and jackets don’t fit, but I am LOVING Tommy Hilfiger, Jacob and Banana Republic these days…but that took a LOT of trial and error!!! That is why you have your friend, don’t make any decisions on your own, put it on, come out and show them. Let them say yes or no! We all judge our bodies unfairly, trust in them to steer you in the fabulous direction!

Here are some outfits that I have thrown together for you. Again, these are just suggestions, don’t focus on any of the price tags, I just used items for their look…and there are TONS of stores that copy designer items at good prices!!

Fashion & Beauty · Reader Requests

Reader Request…Danielle!

Today’s request is a last minute one from Danielle, she just got to book in a photoshoot with her BFF’s (her ponies!) THIS WEEKEND! Hey lady…I need a LITTLE more time to work my magic than 3 days!! LOL..kidding! Here ya go!! 🙂 And hope the weather is fabulous for you!!!

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Look of the week~Kate Hudson

Hello lovelies!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous end to your week…I know I am!

‘Cause I am having a bunch of city girls and their kids out for a “calving party”!!

…basically they get to come out, play in the mud and if we get lucky, see a cow calve or at least a new baby or two!

We’ve had 50 babies in the last 5 days, so our odds are pretty good…but I’m not promising them anything! Hopefully the weather is nice and the kids can all get out and get dirty!!


Here is a look of the week from my favorite girl (Kate!) to end your week!!

*image from here*

look of the week


Love you all!!!

Look of the Week

Look of the Week~The Maxi Dress

This week, in honor of the fact that I got to go on an actual vacation (WITH my HUSBAND!!!), I decided to show a theme for the Look of the Week as opposed to one celebrity….

The Maxi Dress!!





 This dress just screams summer and works for just about all body types…including pregnant! Here are a few that would look fab with your favorite sunglasses and sandals!





Hazel Romantic Plum Plaid Dress



Look of the Week

Look of the week ~ Victoria Secret

Today’s look of the week is actually from Victoria Secret…this is so fabulously styled that I had to share.

The jacket is obviously available at Victoria Secret….


 Add your favorite white tank and this necklace…



Large vintage chain link necklace

 Some cute walking shorts and wedges….



And don’t forget to add the “Farmer’s Trophy Wife” touch….


*you can agree with me or be wrong*You can agree with me or you can be wrong.




Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Look of the week ~ Dylan Lauren

This week’s look is Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s daughter. Talk about luckiest woman alive….I would LOVE to have her wardrobe, home decor and money if I am being perfectly honest….

This blazer isn’t the exact color….but 1- I love it and 2- I couldn’t find one in that gorgeous teal….darn it!


And this white satin shirt is apparently NO IRON!!! I now need this in my life.

And to get the sexy cuff look Dylan has going on, just undo the cuff’s buttons. So simple and so cute!


These lovely earrings are what I would do instead of the neck scarf.

I am not a scarf kind of girl and these earrings pretty much scream my name….can you hear it?!

To finish this look off, just add your favorite jeans, belt and buckle and a pair of these showstoppers…..


Have a great week!!


Fashion & Beauty

My 100…

Today I’m going to continue on with my top 100 list of things I love, adore and would be hard-pressed to live without. To see #1 to 20, click here and here!

21- Belt…I love belts, old or new, hair on hide or tweed, you name it, I’ll love it!

22- Flip Flops….nothing says summer like the sound of flip flops…it’s kinda like the smell of freshly cut lawn…mmmmm!


23- Anything animal print…ok, that’s not 100% true…I am a sucker for anything cowhide print…or leopard…or…ok, maybe it is true…(and I know this isn’t a “fashion” item…but isn’t it awesome?! I have one for my daughter and just ordered one for my son!)

Child Seat

24-Coral Jewelery…LOVE!!!!!

25- Makeup bags….these things are like magnets to me, I can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, I only have so much makeup…


26- Oversized Sunglasses….anyone who knows and loves me must love my sunnies….or at least tolerate them!

27-Cute sundresses…now hurry up summer!


28- Rubber boots….our yard can be a mudpit…(Come on rain….)

29- Sandals…same idea as the flip flops, but I love the hair on hide ones!!!

30- Spanx…a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!! (especially after having 2 babies!!)

Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Look of the week ~ Jessica in Red!

In honor of Jessica Simpson taking a stand and being published (on a cover no less) make-up free and au-natural….I thought I’d do this week’s look of her (yes, again…what can I say, she’s my favorite)….


And this week, I’m going to attempt to do fashion on a budget…

….and based on the results of my new year resolutions, budget is not a word I use often, so this could be interesting!!!

Sunglasses for $9.50



Earrings for $8.98




Bangles for $32.00



Bracelets for $19.50
Necklace for $19.00
Rosary Necklace for $18.00
Wrap Dress for $65.00

And yes, I am aware the dress is in blue….just check the site, it’s available in red there…..

As for the shoes….we all have our favorite pair of black heels…so dust those bad boys off and have fun!!

Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Look of the Week ~ Jennifer Aniston

DEGAINE JEANS photo | Jennifer Aniston

This week’s look is from Jennifer….and three for one!!

The jeans are a staple that everyone has and now here are three easy spring/summer looks to try.


This belt and buckle is one that I’ve had my eye on for a while…



I’ve left the sunglasses out on purpose….everyone has a pair or style they love…me, not so hot for the aviators, so I’d wear ones that are huge and black……or just for fun buy a cheap pair…they do make really nice ones at Joe Fresh (Superstore)!

This cardigan is a cute color and nice &  light for spring.

I couldn’t find an exact match to her shirt (which I really like), so if you have any suggestions?!

Fireworks Print Scoop Neck With Pleats

 Easy black tank…just about everyone has one of these!

Now for the fun part….accessories…I love jewelry and I love finding new and interesting ones. 

Of course I’ll never turn down expensive (!) but costume jewelry is super-fun and affordable….

…and if you break or lose it….there is no crying!

A New Necklace - Soldered Crown Pendant


Again, this white tee is a must-have basic. So easy to find and layer or dress up or down with a blazer or like Jennifer, throw a necklace on and you’re good to go!

And last but not least…the sandals…now here in these parts, it’s still snowing on random days….and the other days there is mud up to the eyeballs. But these are cute and in hopes that summer will someday return…

The End!