Look of the Week

Look of the week~Victoria Beckham

This week’s look is my favorite…Victoria Beckham.

And I am trying something new this week. What do you think?!




Fashion & Beauty

Haircut that I LOVE…

This is a haircut that I have long adored….sooo….


Forgive the sunglasses…walked in the door, took a quick pic and then had to run my darling husband his supper! And someday when I actually get to do my hair and makeup (kids = no time!!) I will post more pics!


Look of the Week

Look of the week ~ Victoria Beckham

Although I love this girl’s style…and haircuts…and husband….and money…I do think she could stand to gain 10 lbs.

Just saying.

And boy, can she work a white shirt. LOVE!!

Have a great long weekend!!