My Thoughts

Why I blog…


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This question is one that not only have I asked myself, but have been asked by others; and I haven’t discovered my favorite answer yet. Or rather an answer that actually is short enough not to bore people.

I started because I had just had baby # 2 and wanted to think about something other than diapers and sleepless nights. The content is all stuff that appeals to me, and I figure if I like it…someone else will too?! I had searched for western sites or blogs in the past and never found anything that was my style, western with a lot of flash. And so thought, why not make up my own.

Here I am, 10 months later and loving it. It was a hard balance at first, finding time to write/create posts and still getting kids fed, house cleaned and laundry did. My poor, darling husband ran out of clean socks a few times before I found my rhythm; and he didn’t complain once.

Maybe this is another reason why I blog. I can vent my creative/sparkly personality and have tremendous support from my family. Maybe my husband figures if I write about fashion and clothes, I’ll spend less time shopping for them?!

Either way, I am in love with this blogging thing and appreciate all the support and comments from all you fabulous people who actually read this thing! And what is that you love? I am in a blogging rut lately and sometimes worry that I put out too much of one thing and not enough of others….or am too all over the place…or that I should try harder to show more of our farming life…

Feedback is fabulous, so let me know! Thanks!!!