My Thoughts

My guilty addiction…

Ok…I have several, but the one I’m indulging in right now is…reality tv.

I LOVE it!!!

I only watch a few though….

Amazing Race!!! (so sad that Jet and Cord McCoy didn’t win šŸ˜¦ )

and I watched Dancing with the Stars…but only till KateĀ GosselinĀ was kicked off (wasn’tĀ her dancingĀ Ā a train wreck?!?)

and my ultimate favorite……


I’m so serious about this show that I refuse to answer the phone during it, no one is allowed to talk during the show, and heaven forbid ANYONE who watches it early and then attempts to tell me what happens (ARGH!).

My husband thinks this is hilarious and repeatedly tries to tease me during…in fact…he just called me from the tractor (out seeding!) just to tell me he loves me.

I answered the phone…

…but only because it was a commercial break! šŸ™‚