Look of the Week

Look of the Week


Look # 2 this week…..this is defintely a warm weather look…

(this is in honor of the (supposed to be) 20 degree temps for today…)

I couldn’t find a tee the same color as hers…..any suggestions? 

Large Crystal Bangles GB35 S/G-Accessories, annettes touch of class, necklace, bracelet, ring, unique, cap, vintage, gina, crystal

 Karma Tote 

 The following belts and buckles are from a company that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!



And again with the boots…I know…I’m just obsessed! 


So here is the warm weather version!


Fashion & Beauty

Great Idea…

I recently saw a “How To” article in February’s Martha Stewart about making a necklace from vintage broaches….GORGEOUS!!! The concept is soooo simple and yet the result is so classically beautiful and very in style right now. Super cute over a white tee and jeans or since it’s STILL snowing here, a black turtleneck. I mentally have made a plan to build one of these necklaces ASAP…Can’t post the article at this point…I guess they want to sell magazines!

Then, while out bridesmaid dress shopping, we came across a necklace from Aldo…it is exactly the same idea for $20.00!!  Amazing price and gorgeous…

(I can’t post a picture…but here’s the link)


THEN my sister emailed me this…

She made this!

Now I HAVE to have one!

Fashion & Beauty

Who needs an excuse to go shopping?

A little while ago I wrote about what makes a fantastically functional wardrobe (Back to Basics) and now I want to give you another reason to go shopping!

Handbags, purses, carry-alls…call them whatever you want, it’s all the same to me…LOVE. A girl can never have too many shoes…or purses! I flipped through a few fashion/style books I have (another addiction..we’ll talk about that later!) and came up with a short list of what you need to have a functional (and FUN!) stash of purses.

1- Day bag…this will usually be for work (should go with suits/dresses) and  is a combo of fashion & function.You will use this one the most, so make sure it’s well made and of durable material (leather!)…get them in neutral shades and what works for summer won’t for winter…so you may need a couple of different styles.

2- Evening bag…these have 2 catagories…classic go-with-everything or the fun little bags you breakout to make a statement. Only has to be big enough to hold your nighttime essentials.

3-Oversized tote…for work and travel, should be large enough for papers and personal items and be able to go through airport security.

4-Weekend bag…this is for fun and is where you can REALLY show your style, go for broke here…sparkles, colored leather, fur…go for it…You deserve it!

Other tips when shopping are…

– How does it look? Is it in proportion to your body…a purse should work with your figure, not against it.

– How does it feel? Is it light enough (including your usual things)? Does it fit comfortably on your shoulder or under your arm? Does it fit with your winter coat?!?! (Totally have forgotten to test this in the past….so sad!)

– Will it stay organized? Are there enough pockets for your belongings or should you include zippered pouches to keep things organized…And make sure it stays securely closed…how strong is the zipper/magnet/snap?

– Does it fit into your life? Is it durable to withstand sticky spills from kid’s snacks or strong enough for all your work related belongings….

So there you go…a few great excuses to go shopping…sorry husbands!

My Thoughts

Hello world!

Hello and Welcome to The Farmer’s Trophy Wife blog!!

I’m Cathryn…a mom of two, a farmer’s wife and a nurse. I’m LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything that sparkles or shines and will be the first to admit that although slightly impractical out on the farm, I love my fashion and glam. I’ve been known to work the Chanel lip gloss while out sorting cows and, although my husband laughs at me, own the biggest sunglasses I can find out here! And the “Farmer’s Trophy Wife” title is self-made and very tongue in cheek…what farmer has the time or patience for a high maintenance woman!?

This blog will be about everything and anything that my little heart desires and is really something I’ve created so that my day isn’t ALL about diapers, potty training and where my husband might have left his gloves or wallet or glasses or…

So, I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, I’d love to hear from you!!!