Fashion & Beauty

Great Idea…

I recently saw a “How To” article in February’s Martha Stewart about making a necklace from vintage broaches….GORGEOUS!!! The concept is soooo simple and yet the result is so classically beautiful and very in style right now. Super cute over a white tee and jeans or since it’s STILL snowing here, a black turtleneck. I mentally have made a plan to build one of these necklaces ASAP…Can’t post the article at this point…I guess they want to sell magazines!

Then, while out bridesmaid dress shopping, we came across a necklace from Aldo…it is exactly the same idea for $20.00!!  Amazing price and gorgeous…

(I can’t post a picture…but here’s the link)

THEN my sister emailed me this…

She made this!

Now I HAVE to have one!


Claire Soup

What is Claire Soup you ask?!?

Only the bestest, easiest, fastest soup in the west! (Yes…I think I’m funny!) It is a soup that my husband named after my sister after he tried it for the first time.

It’s his thing…if it’s fantastic and he really,really,really wants you to make it again, it gets named after you! I have a chili….(from The Pioneer Woman cookbook…but don’t tell him that, he thinks I’m amazing!!!)

Anyways…my sister got this recipe from Rachael Ray…and it’s the best!

1 can of beef or chicken broth

1 cup water

1 package of tortellini

1 cup of grated cheese

Boil the broth/water, add as much tortellini as you want, when noodles are ready, put into bowls and cover in cheese. SO GOOD!!!!!!

Home Sweet Home

My sister is a genius!

I just got back from picking up a few pictures that I had blown up. My talented little sister took them…

Isn’t the little bee cute!

Now to frame and hang them!!

Love you baby sister…thanks for the pretty pictures!