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More reader requests!! This one comes from Tiffany…she is heading off to the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals with her husband and twin 2 yr olds as her man is competing! I threw together a few ideas…have fun Tiffany, and I hope this inspires you on what to pack!



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Calgary Stampede…

*me…back in my Calgary Stampede Ranchgirl days…*

The countdown is on!!

Soon it will be the biggest show on earth here in Calgary and I am excited! This year I am planning to head down there much more than once, and hopefully kid free…

Yes, we will be taking them one day, but it’s a bit much navigating the crowd and such with two kids that would much rather wander off than sit with mommy and people watch.

That is one of my favorite things to do at Stampede.

I’m guilty, I admit it.

I LOVE it!

People get into such amazing Stampede spirit and dress to the nines for it. LOVE!

And this year I am planning to take my camera down and capture some of that spirit!! Can’t wait!!

Are you going?!? Have you ever been?! What is your favorite part?!



My Thoughts · The Farm

Ranch rodeo…

A few weeks ago my husband and some friends competed in a Ranch Rodeo. This is a rodeo where the events mimic real life ranch chores…doctoring calves, loading calves in trailers, sorting them, and milking them….and so on and so forth.

Their team had a fantastic time and ended up winning third…not bad for their first time! My husband also took third in the mugging contest…which is the first picture, his job was to hold the cow still while the other cowboy milked it, took off the rope and then ran with both to the finish line.

We love our western lifestyle and raising our kids this way is a dream come true. And it looks like they love it too!

*all photos by Chaps 'n' Spurs Photography (*


My Thoughts

My wild and woolly days…

Well, its Calgary Stampede time (YAHOO!) and  if we make it to Calgary for a day that will be great…because between kids and haying…life is a little busier these days.

But, about 9 years ago, I was there everyday!

I had the FABULOUS experience of riding for the Calgary Stampede Ranchgirls for 5 summers and loved every minute of it!

The Calgary Stampede Ranchgirls are those beautiful ladies that open the rodeo each and everyday carrying the flags and getting the crowd ready for some fabulous entertainment. And boy, is it exciting!

Thousands of cheering people, fast music and fireworks!

And nothing is more exciting than horses and fireworks!

*I’m on the bottom row, 4th from the right*

So much fun!

So, if you see those lovely ladies out there this week, give them a wave and a YAHOO!!