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Reader Request…

I got a tweet request from Miss Lane…she is heading off to a November wedding and needs some suggestions!!

Here ya go babe!! Have fun!

november wedding
nov wedding
nov wedding
november wedding

p.s. thanks to all of you for all sweet words of encouragment and advice. i am working hard to drop those frustrating baby pounds…and feel less alone!!!

Fashion & Beauty · Reader Requests

Reader Request…Meg!!

This week’s reader request comes from Meg, she is as country as they come, but works downtown in the big city. She is hoping for some help to let her roots show through, but in a way that will work at work… (LOL)

Here are some ideas for you, Meg…basically, invest your $$ in some FABULOUS suits, pieces that you can mix and match, jackets, pants and skirts…then add the “YOU” to it with accessories. Pick accessories that looks expensive, if you want to invest, go for it, but remember to pick items that are classic and will look fab forever. For the cheaper pieces, go to stores that do fabulous copies of what is on trend today for less $$…here in Canada, The Bay does an AMAZING job…not too sure what to reccomend for the USA…any suggestions from you darlings?!

And keep the western/country reference subtle, just a touch here and there, makes for a classier look than the INYOURFACE western stuff…i.e.blingy belts, cowboy boots (not in the workplace), feathers, etc. And try to keep the “western” to just one item in your look, more than that is overkill.

This first polyvore page shows some examples of accessories I adore…

western business
Fashion & Beauty · Reader Requests

Reader request…Karen!

Karen will be attending her niece’s high school graduation in CO. in May, and is wondering what to throw into her suitcase…the grad is outside and she is refusing to pack dress pants LOL. Hmmm…let’s see what I can throw together for you Karen!!!

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Top 100…Guest Post!

I am so happy to introduce ANOTHER guest blogger!!

Aren’t I a lucky girl to have such amazing blogger friends?!! Today is Brandy from Cashmere & Camo… a fab blog from an Alberta girl who LOVES her fashion and hunting…can’t get a better combo than that!

This post is another addition to the “TOP 100 can’t live without items“!!

C&C Wishlist

When the FTW asked me to come up with a list of my top ten items that I love and need, I thought it would be easy! But when I got down to the brass tacks of writing out my list I realized my wants and needs weren’t jiving.  As life evolves so does my list so as of today my top 10 things I LOVE but necessarily don’t need, but WANT anyways  are:

1. Shearling Ranch Coat– I love soft, classic shearling! Combine that with the practical idea of a ranch coat and I have a very romantic vision of going out to the barn on a winter morning and saddling up my horse in style.


2. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch- I’m not even particular on which one, I love them all!

3. Valentino Dress- I’m currently in love with lace and would love a classic Valentino shift that can transition through the years.

4.    Old Gringo Erin Bone Boots- Ok, maybe jumping the gun here but I would love these boots for summer or even a wedding look?


5. Tom Ford Sunglasses- It’s hard to find them in Canada but every time I see a pair of sunglasses I like it turns out to be Tom Ford.


6. Doloris Petunia Cuff- These cuff’s have a vintage flair with enough glitter and glam to make a statement every time.  They would make a great investment piece to my accessories collection!


7. Western Inspired Doctor’s Bag- I have always wanted a classic leather Dr’s bag to use as a carry on or weekend bag.  Found this vintage one at Modern that I love.


8. Ralph Lauren Leather Corset Belt- My all time favorite designer Mr. Ralph Lauren. I would love to splurge and get one of the corset belts for dresses and jackets. 

9. Pewter & Antler Handled Serving Tray- I love the changes Eddie Bauer has made to their store, from the outerwear to their Home section.  This serving tray is on my list for heirloom items I’d love to have.

10. Pendleton Bedding Set– A throw is defiantly on my Christmas list this year, but I’ve looked at some of their amazing bedding and would love to snuggle up in something like this….
Fashion & Beauty


So a few days ago I got this tweet…

@junkgypsy bigggg muchas gracias 2 @farmertrphywife 4 listin JG as a fave site!!! XOXOX bacK sista! now…what 2 wear 2 wedding??

 (sorry about the poor copy….I haven’t figured out how to make it look normal…)

Anyways….I jumped around for a minute or two because MY style icons are looking for some advice on what to wear to a wedding…

……..from me!?

And not just any wedding…..

*image from here*
The girlies from Junk Gypsy are BFF with my FAVORITE girl, Miranda Lambert and they get to go to the wedding!!! 
So, now I get to play pretend and show off what I would wear to the PARTAY!!
For a  jumping off point….the easy go-to dress and boots combo….
Killer and oh so simple to find and pull off!!
(and I imagine the girlies would find a fabulous way to JG this up!) 
Next….an oh-so sexy combo of a GORGEOUS lace top, skinny pants (jeans or leather!) and some rockin’ boots….
….I die.
*image from here*
Again…lace top….
I can’t get this out of my system….I love it!
Maybe paired with a gorgeous suede skirt?!
And the next….
The sweet white dress….
Complicated when it comes to weddings though…maybe finding one in cream or PINK (!!) would be better?!
And of course….paired with the BIGGEST belt buckle made…
And this is adorable…
Polka dots…
Frye Boots…
What’s not to love?!
*images from here*
And then this….
 I adore the color, the pattern and the belt…
Find some boots to match the leather and SCORE!!!
*image from here*
And you all know I love me some Ralph….
The skirt and the belt in this image is oh-so dreamy….
I don’t think I’d add the plaid though….
….or the bolo tie……
*image from here*
And now some accessories….
A girl’s best friend….
I could go feather….
*image from here*
Or cowhide….
Bessy Hair on Hide Clutch with Knot Detail UOOAK
*image from here*
Or a great romantic combo of rough and soft…
Black and Antique Pink - Tweed Clutch Purse with Shabby Chic Flower and Feather Embellishment
*image from here*
So many ideas… hard to choose!!!
What do you suggest?!
What would you pick?!!?

 p.s. Amie, Jolie, Janie and Phillip….would you sign an extra XO on the wedding card from me?!! Thanks!!! 😉

Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Look of the week~Denise Richards

I’m sure you have all heard all the “fabulous” things that Charlie Sheen has been up to lately….

Lordy that boy has problems!

And this lovely lady was BRILLIANT to have left way before the going got crazy with him….

Smart cookie!

LUNCH LADY photo | Denise Richards

*image from People*

 I thought for fun I’d do a high/low version of today’s look of the week!! Have a great day!!

high/low look of the week

high/low look of the week



Fashion & Beauty

I love you Ralph.

*This post is one I wrote way back in January 2010…just thought for fun, I’d repost!!*

I was reading Rachel Zoe’s book (Style A to Zoe) the other day…ok…rereading for the 5th time…(I like her!) and in it she suggested a neat idea. When it comes to fashion and that “never having anything to wear” problem, a great place to start organizing your wardrobe is to find “your style”, and one way to do that is to start an inspiration book or poster. Miss Zoe suggests to “Collect images of your favourite icons from fashion, film, and history….collect images of favourite looks, accessories, interiors, even stuff you might like just because of the color, shape or idea of it. Tear pages out of magazines, copy them out of books. Do whatever it takes to build up an inspiration file.”

I LOVE this idea…or rather I should say I LIVE this idea. My husband is forever frustrated finding the pages that I have ripped out everywhere in the house, and good luck to anyone attempting to read a magazine after I’m done with it. I’ve been collecting pages and images of everything and anything that strikes my fancy for years; and I’ve got files for the living room, kitchen, projects, Christmas…AND I have a scribbler book jammed with images of fashion…from outfits on celebs…to ads…to magazine suggestions of accessories. This little book is fabulous…whenever I need inspiration in a “what to wear” moment, I crack it open and a hundred little suggestions are there. The house and home files are fantastic too…I painted my living room a gorgeous navy blue after a Martha Stewart page and am building a cross collection inspired by a south-western styled house in a magazine spread.

It can help when you have a little “mad money” that you want to spend…flip through your file…is there one accessory that is repeated? A coat style that shows up 3 or 4 times? It can give you focus for your shopping trip and make it more fun when you go to get dressed…you can actually copy a look and of course then add your own twist..

My style or what I want to be my style is reflected in Ralph Lauren’s Blue Label over and over again…I LOVE the mix of rough and girly…


Ralph is BRILLIANT…I am a little bit in love with him…don`t tell my husband.

My Thoughts

‘Cause it’s my birthday…

I thought I’d share some things I LOVE…

(some may be repeats…but they are fabulous enough to see twice!)


*image from design*sponge*


*image source unknown*

*images from House of Turquoise*


*image from Country Living*



*images by Shelli Breidenbach*

*jackets from Anthropologie*

*Frye Jane Boots*

*Ralph Lauren*


The Winter Trapper

*Trapper bag by Rebecca Ray*



My Thoughts

Fall fashion trend…

I did a look of the week a while back of Angelina Jolie in a leopard print trench… and now according to all the magazines and stylists, leopard is going to be HUGE this fall. What are your thoughts? Going to go for it? Or not?!

Here are a few outfits that I’ve thrown together for fun using a fab site called Polyvore…it’s soooo fun…I get to play dress up and not spend a dime…my husband loves it!