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Shoes + Purse = Love

I found a great idea in my People Magazine…great shoe and purse pairings. They featured flats, but that’s not really that practical out here where I am battling the slush, drifts and ice patches! (And I’m sure the rest of you are doing the same!) So here are some pairings that I threw together and I hope you enjoy!!
shoe + purse = love
Shoe + Purse = Love III


Shoe+Purse=Love II


Hope all you darlings are having a fabulous friday and I’ll be posting over the weekend, so check in and say HI!!!
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Look of the Week – Elizabeth Hurley

 First the accessories…and yes, I left out the sunglasses on purpose; just use your favorite pair!

As for the rest….the scarf is light enough for spring, and the purse….

….I have 2 kids so I’m not too sure about white…but I picked this one anyways, because, so cute; and apparently ruffles are very IN right now!

As for the belt, here’s how I would “western” this look up….and isn’t it HOT?!?

This belt is hand-made by Jenn Bunney, a VERY talented woman…I would die for a smiggen of her skill! Alas…..I have none, so all I can do is cheer her on!! Her website is and click here for her facebook page. I did a post on her work a while ago on Copperwest…check that out here! She does GORGEOUS custom work, so if you are looking for that perfect gift, give her a call!


The shirt is easy….a great long sleeve basic…

And the jeans…just go with your favorite medium wash!

Now the boots….I’m assuming boots because…

1- I can’t see her feet so I can think whatever I want!

and 2- it’s spring…way to early for the flip flops!

and 3- I think I have a cowboy boot obsession/fetish/problem!

Corral women's python western boots - pointed toe

Omigawd….I LOVE!

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My 100…

I recently read Nina Garcia’s book “The One Hundred”, where she describes her top 100 items that she can’t live without.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to do the same….100 will take a little while, so I’ll break it down into 10/post…

1- Cowboy boots…I LIVE in boots. 

2- Jeans…..dark wash, trouser jeans are my fav. I love the Essential jeans from the Gap…until they discontinued them…..not happy about that, but this is their next best thing.

3- White tee…so easy to dress up or down.

4- Tank tops…my favorite style is from Joe Fresh (superstore), they are long, cheap and come in amazing colors. My next favorite tanks are from Old Navy and Gap…they are really cute and oh-so affordable!

5- Cocktail Ring…..LOVE this item! I would wear one on every finger if it were socially acceptable… 


6- Bangles……these are gorgeous…and I LOVE this site by the way!!


7- Trench Coat….you can go with the basic beige, or go crazy with color and jazz things up…..isn’t this GORGEOUS!?!!?!

8- Wallet….this is the one my darling husband bought me!

9- Mascara……back in the day, any woman worth her salt wore lipstick no matter what was happening. Ask your mom, aunties or grandma, guaranteed that they had a tube of lipstick on the windowsill that they could throw on if a neighbour drove in. My go to is mascara…heaven forbid I go out without it!

10-Ball Cap….so fantastic for bad hair days. (GO FLAMES GO!!)Flames Ladies Checkmate 2 Cap

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I need these in my clutches…

I have a list of blogs that I visit on a regular basis…the topics range from farm life  to food to…of course…shopping! My top favorite shopping blog is The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style….I love it! She has great taste that is wide ranging…everything from the current trends to jewelery to shoes to this……….. 

Clutch by SpoolNo.72


She did a post on the site Spool No. 72 and I adore!!! They have fantastic stuff…….LOVE IT!!!  

AND they ship to Canada…aren’t they fabulous!  

I can’t decide between this…  


Or this…  


Or this…  



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Who needs an excuse to go shopping?

A little while ago I wrote about what makes a fantastically functional wardrobe (Back to Basics) and now I want to give you another reason to go shopping!

Handbags, purses, carry-alls…call them whatever you want, it’s all the same to me…LOVE. A girl can never have too many shoes…or purses! I flipped through a few fashion/style books I have (another addiction..we’ll talk about that later!) and came up with a short list of what you need to have a functional (and FUN!) stash of purses.

1- Day bag…this will usually be for work (should go with suits/dresses) and  is a combo of fashion & function.You will use this one the most, so make sure it’s well made and of durable material (leather!)…get them in neutral shades and what works for summer won’t for winter…so you may need a couple of different styles.

2- Evening bag…these have 2 catagories…classic go-with-everything or the fun little bags you breakout to make a statement. Only has to be big enough to hold your nighttime essentials.

3-Oversized tote…for work and travel, should be large enough for papers and personal items and be able to go through airport security.

4-Weekend bag…this is for fun and is where you can REALLY show your style, go for broke here…sparkles, colored leather, fur…go for it…You deserve it!

Other tips when shopping are…

– How does it look? Is it in proportion to your body…a purse should work with your figure, not against it.

– How does it feel? Is it light enough (including your usual things)? Does it fit comfortably on your shoulder or under your arm? Does it fit with your winter coat?!?! (Totally have forgotten to test this in the past….so sad!)

– Will it stay organized? Are there enough pockets for your belongings or should you include zippered pouches to keep things organized…And make sure it stays securely closed…how strong is the zipper/magnet/snap?

– Does it fit into your life? Is it durable to withstand sticky spills from kid’s snacks or strong enough for all your work related belongings….

So there you go…a few great excuses to go shopping…sorry husbands!