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Happy Tuesday to you all!!! And don’t forget to enter to win some boots from Justin!!!

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Calgary Stampede!!!!

I could go on and on and on about how fab the Stampede is.

But you all already know that.

So instead, I’ll do some “looks” for different events…

Sound like fun?!?!?

Calgary Stampede Parade
Calgary Stampede lunch
Calgary Stampede Work
Calgary Stampede Midway
Calgary Stampede Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Beer Gardens
Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfast
Calgary Stampede Concert
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Calgary Stampede Showcase Stir’Up

Tomorrow is kinda a big deal…

Well. To me.

I get to go to a fancy-smancy gala-type thing!

Ok, not that fancy. But still.

The Calgary Stampede Showcase Stir’Up (haha, get it!?) is a preview of all the western artists that will be showcasing their art during Stampede! I have never been before, and I heard that Kate and Will (you know, THE KATE AND WILL) were there last year! So I am really looking forward to it…Mostly because my friend, Shelagh Blatz will be there with her AMAZING jewelry!!! (check out her facbook and twitter pages!!)

Have you seen her pieces?!

Now, WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!? I know I want to break out my new red boots!! And I went shopping yesterday (yes, I left it to the last minute) and got a couple white dresses. Now, do I keep them white? Or dye them navy blue? (I already got the dye) Ack! I am soooo much better at dressing other people than I am myself!!! Help!

I put some ideas together (ignore the yellow dress, that’s just for fun!), what do you think?!

Calgary Stampede!
Calgary Stampede!
Calgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede
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Some STYLIN’ gypsies!!!

I am LOVING the Junk Gypsy series

Serious love.

Like, I am starting to save my pennies so I can have them come up here and do my WHOLE HOUSE, kinda love!!!! (or maybe that would make for an AMAZING episode?!! HGTV are you listening?!)

But almost more than the decorating, I am DIGGING on the girls outfits!!!  Check these out…

(sorry for the poor quality, I did some fancy photography with my iphone and laptop…not so hot…but the best I could come up with!)

And since I am a bit obsessed with stuff like this, I begged Jolie to let me in on their style sources! Most of the jackets they picked up DURING shooting, because they had to have new outfits for all episodes/moments…and in a pinch, they found most of their fabulous jackets on ebay and they are mostly Free People…leave it to the gypsy girls to find a fab deal even in a crunch! Inspired, I went on the hunt and found all of these fabulous deals…

Anthropologie Slackened Utility Jacket 6, 8, 10 & 12 NWT by Daughters Liberation

*image from here*
FREE PEOPLE New Peplum Jacket Top Crimson Color $128 NWT S GREAT DEAL - HOT!

*image from here*

eBay Image Hosting at

*image from here*


*image from here*

*image from here*

Aren’t these amazing? And all from ebay…I am soooo hunting there more often!!! I am also going to attempt to do a post on my favorite parts of each of their rooms…wish me luck on the photography part. LOL

AND don’t forget to tune in to the JUNK GYPSIES every saturday night on HGTV!! 7pm PST/EST & 6CST

Upcoming episodes are gonna be fab!!

6/30 ASHER (a 11 year old boys room)

7/7 PARENTS (Amie and Jolie’s parent’s living room)

7/14 JOHN (a total rockstar-house of blues-type living room)

7/21 PROM (the reallllly amazing prom held ‘just for tv’)

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Reader Request…Julia!!

Dear, dear Julia…she wrote me eons ago, and I lost her email in the shuffle of life. But, knowing how a mom’s life is, she re-emailed me to refresh my memory!! And I am SOOO glad she did!!! I haven’t slept longer than 4 hours in a row in a LONG time and have BIG TIME mommy brain, so I need reminders like this!!! So PLEASE, if I have missed or lost your email request…PLEASE resend!!! I didn’t ignore it, I read all of them!! It just got lost in my email inbox somewhere!!! I love all the emails, and all of you so much that I don’t want anyone to get missed!!!

But back to Julia! She wrote me…

How about a few outfits for a mother/farmer/artist who has just lost a bunch of weight (40+ pounds) and is in need of a new wardrobe?  A few pieces for heading out auction picking and gallivanting for photographs, maybe a nice outfit for a gallery opening, and just some more-stylish “around the farm”-type outfits.  I need to learn the art of mixing separates.  I want to look “put-together.”  Can you help me with some ideas?
First off…WAY TO GO JULIA!!!!! Losing any amount of weight is fabulous and 40 pounds is an amazing accomplishment!!!! I have been there, done that, been there and done that again, and am working on doing it for a third time, so I KNOW it is hard work!!! I am so proud of you! And you totally deserve a new wardrobe!!
I am going to throw some looks your way, but first I want you to re-read this post I did eons ago. This is what works for me…when you have all of these basic pieces, outfits come together soooo much easier. Then, instead of going out shopping and hoping to find something/anything, you get to go out shopping with a plan…”Today I am looking for the perfect white button down shirt for me”. And, like I mentioned yesterday, you have to try on, what will feel like, a MILLION shirts before you find THE ONE. All stores carry different cuts and styles, and each is for a different body type, it’s not YOU that doesn’t fit the clothes, it’s that those CLOTHES aren’t for your body type. Just keep going until you find it…and be patient. And don’t forget to take a fabulously HONEST friend!
Here are some ideas of putting some of those fabulous basics to work for you…with a little Farmer’s Trophy Wife fabulousness added!
Fashion & Beauty · Reader Requests

Reader Request…Carol!

I got this message from Carol this week on facebook…

Okay, I’m a tomboy. I’m more comfy in jeans, fitted tee and boots than anything. I own one skirt and I’ve never worn it. A friend told me I needed to stop being afraid to be a girl and wear a dress. I would love for you to guide me. Did I mention I’m also cheap? I would love to find some things and put him in his place!

This sounds like a challenge Carol!!!! I am sooo in! And I KNOW you will look fab!!!

My best advice is that when you go shopping, take someone with you that you trust to tell you the truth, and who’s fashion style you admire. That way, you know that when they tell you no, believe them, and when they say yes…BELIEVE THEM!! It will sooo not feel normal or comfortable trying on dresses or skirts, but like anything else, time fixes everything! You will get used to it eventually and then they will start to feel as normal as wearing your jeans! That said, I will be the first to step up and admit that I am not much of a dress or skirt girl either. I just feel more me in jeans, but I will totally break out the fabulousness when the occasion calls for it! 🙂

Start out slow, try looking for dresses or skirts for stuff like grocery shopping or running errands…that way you can ease into the whole skirt-thing in a casual way. Here are a couple of ideas for those kind of days…

At this point, don’t go nuts and buy a bunch of skirts or dresses, start with one or two…and they can translate into several looks depending on the stuff you wear with them! And don’t worry about spending lots of $$, there are fabulous outlet stores out there (love you Tommy Hilfiger!!!) and they carry some great quality items for less than they would normally be!

Once you find a skirt or dress that you like, bring it home, and work with that fabulous friend to go through your closet and create some outfits together. Use what you already have and this will help you feel confident when you step out…If everything is new, then you won’t feel like you AT ALL. And that’s not good! Here are some ideas using the dresses I found above…not knowing your body type, I can’t recommend any specific style, so when you are out shopping, try on any and everything!! This is the fun part, don’t feel discouraged if things don’t fit or look good, it is the clothes not your body. Every designer cuts and styles clothes differently, you just have to do the homework and find that designer that works for you! I have LONG arms, and the majority of shirts and jackets don’t fit, but I am LOVING Tommy Hilfiger, Jacob and Banana Republic these days…but that took a LOT of trial and error!!! That is why you have your friend, don’t make any decisions on your own, put it on, come out and show them. Let them say yes or no! We all judge our bodies unfairly, trust in them to steer you in the fabulous direction!

Here are some outfits that I have thrown together for you. Again, these are just suggestions, don’t focus on any of the price tags, I just used items for their look…and there are TONS of stores that copy designer items at good prices!!

Fashion & Beauty · Reader Requests

Reader Request…Naomi!

My fellow Alberta girl, Naomi, wrote me hoping for some inspiration and direction…she is looking for a rockabilly western look, or several looks for upcoming events. And while she knows that there are hundreds of places to shop online, she is hoping for some help finding some WHERE to shop. You know, as in physically go to the store and actually try stuff on…my FAVORITE way to shop!!!!!

Well, Naomi…good question! I am finding more and more these days that online specialty stores are the best places to find specific items or styles, but the downfall is, of course, you can’t try it on till you pay for it, and then the crappy part, have to send it back ($$) if it doesn’t work out…(like I just did with a GORGEOUS gold sequin skirt…LOVED it, but my house was COVERED in gold sequins after only 5 minutes of wearing it…nope, not a keeper!). I think your best bet will be to hit several thrift stores. I have found some GORGEOUS retro pieces in the past, and with a little drycleaning and alteration, you might find a truly gorgeous, one of a kind piece! I would start looking for pieces rather than a dress…that way you can mix and match with stuff you already have, and get several fab looks! (and if you DON’T look for a dress…your chances of finding one increase! Or does that just happen to me?!).

I put together a few looks to give you an idea…

rockabilly western
western rockabilly
Have fun Naomi and I hope you send me some pics of what you put together!!!
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The leaves are out, my garden is sprouting and the grass needs mowing 300x a week…


So here are some fun images featuring….


j. crew spring 2012

*image from here*

Wedding Blog Cydney and Bennett in Jackson Hole Wyoming

*image from here*


*image from here*

*image from here*

Pinned Image

*image from here*

*image from here*

amazing and creative cactus chairs 2 e1281195070459 Cactus Chair Made by Valentina Gonzales Wohlers

*image from here*