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New Year Resolution Update…

Ok, so my goal was to update my resolutions the beginning of every month…..

Since THAT didn’t happen, better late than never?!

1-Running….I’m still at it and can run almost 3km now….so pysched!! And I’m keeping at it because……ahhhhhh….I signed up for a 5K!!! May 22nd, my friend W. and I are running!!!!! I actually signed up for a 5K and may or may not have whimpered as I registered…I’ll keep you updated!

2-Climbing a mountain…still waiting on the weather for this one…

3-Driving standard…crap…forgot about this one…ok, I’m going to tackle this one before the week is out.

4-McDonald’s…ok, I caved one day and immediately regretted it. It’ll be easier to keep now, their food doesn’t taste like food. Gross!

5-Saving $$…still doing good here, I love automatic withdrawal. The first of the month the money moves into the savings account and I have another account that I move money into on my own. Not only am I saving money, but this has opened up the world of online banking to me. Honesty, before now, I had never bothered. Now I love it, AND am saving the world one less paper statement at a time!

6-Budget…….yah, this one died a slow, painful death…maybe next year.

7-Invite people over for dinner……well, if I could stop setting off the darn smoke alarm, I might be more inclined to have company over…my cooking is a work in progress.

My Thoughts


So, being that the end of January is, well, today…I thought I’d update you on the state of  my resolutions.

1) Marathon…

I got my treadmill about the 2nd week of January and have loved it ever since. It’s still up for debate if it returns the love.

I’ve followed a plan from a website that my friend Jenn sent me….I really like it, it’s something to help guide me and it doesn’t ask too much of me too quickly. It starts you out running one minute, walking one minute and alternating days with just walking, each for 30 min. Week 2 starts out the same, but then they expect you to be able to run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute by the end of the week…not really there yet.

I’m up to running 3 minutes….and plan to keep that up for this upcoming week. I’m happy with week by week adding a minute. There is no hurry and I’d rather work at my pace than get discouraged and quit…am enjoying the nap time workouts and look forward to them(ok, that’s a white lie…I don’t ALWAYS look forward to it…).

2) Mountain Climb…

Ok this one hasn’t really been on the forefront. Although, working out is working toward this goal and my friend Heidi has suggested a great mountain to climb…what was the name of it again? And this goal is one that is weather dependant…go away snow!

3)Driving standard…

Yah…nothing here either…still trying to talk the husband into loaning me his truck…ok..that’s not true, he’s offered but we haven’t got around to it yet…maybe during calving season…when we have loads of time…bahahaha!

4) Still haven’t eaten at McDonalds…and not missing it one bit!

5) Opened my very own TFSA!!! For those of you who don’t know what that is…time to book an apointment with your bank and find out!!

6) Budget…well…I made one…and now am well aware that I have overspent in several areas…oh well, there is always next month!

7) Inviting people over for dinner…opps…mental note…invite people over for dinner.

My Thoughts

2010 Resolutions

After looking over my “list”, I’ve picked my top three New Year’s plans/resolutions. They are…(drumroll)…Climb a mountain…Run in a marathon…and don’t laugh…Learn to drive a standard. I say don’t laugh at the last one because, yes, despite living on a farm for 30 years, I STILL don’t know how to drive one. embarrassing. But this is the year!

I’m excited about all my plans…Marathon/Mountain – I’m getting a treadmill this week! I’ve attempted to go to the gym over the last month, but of course…2  babies = no time…so I’m bringing the gym to me! And I’m excited! I love working out and have missed it over the last (almost) year. And now I’ll get to watch Steven and Chris while running…who could ask for more?!?

As for the standard driving lesson…hmmmm…this might require a lot of fast talking on my part. My husband might not be so inclined to offer his truck as my practice vehicle…and I’m not so excited about using the grain truck…might have to work on this one!

Now, of course, I’ve made several other resolutions…save money, use a budget, invite people over for dinner more often and not eat at McDonald’s for a whole year. But the three from the list are for me and me only, while the rest are for my family. So, now to put my plans into action…maybe an apple pie for dessert tonight will butter up my husband, what do you think?