Home Sweet Home

Art on the wall…

Hello all!! Hope you are having a fabulous day!! I know I am…’cause the count down is on…only 4 sleeps till I hit Glitter Gulch!! That’s right…VEGAS BABY! (not trying to make you feel bad if you aren’t going…I’m just a tiny bit excited to go on a vaca!). This week is also going great because my tree is finally decorated (you can see pics of my Christmas decor over on Copper West later this week!), I finally got my 3-year-old to wear her hair in a ponytail (we’ll see how long that lasts!) and I am going to be a guest blogger on a few other sites!!(more details as I know when they will be posted!)

So…how’s your Tuesday going?!

Thought I’d share a GORGEOUS room that I found and steal an idea from a great blog Zesty Nest…Beth does a TGI Art on the Wall post every Friday and I love her picks!! Thanks for the idea Beth…although I doubt I’ll be as fabulously consistent as you…we might get one or two art on the wall posts here (consistency is not a strong point of mine…)!

Either way…enjoy!!


p.s. if any of you have any chairs that even closely resemble these….send them to me!!!! I LOVE THEM!

Home Sweet Home

House Renos!

If you haven’t heard, I get to redo our bathroom! I love it! And now, my new favorite thing to do is watch home decorating shows while working out. Have you heard of Sarah’s House??!?!

Sarah Richardson is fantastic….and this season she’s redoing a farmhouse. The decorating isn’t 100% practical for farm life, but the overall look is GORGEOUS!! I am in absolute awe of how she can pick fabric and create a whole look, and the colors….amazing!!

Actually, I’m quite jealous of how she can create such gorgeous rooms….her talent is amazing! Granted she has an  unlimited budget, a whole staff of people helping her and all the time in the world to peruse stores for that perfect item….

Ok, now I’m thinking I want this job. Where do I apply?!

 This bathroom is sooooo calm…

Vintage bargain

 And this is from Sarah’s own cottage at the Lake. I swoon over this dining room!!

Dining Room Design


I LOVE the blues in this….

Living Room Design


  This kitchen makes me want to cook…….and that takes A LOT!!

Kitchen Design



I want this chandelier… 


Again, loving the blue!! 


Everything about this I like……so nice!


The orange in this….so pretty!


And now I need to get decorating!!!!