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Out of curiosity…

Out of curiosity, are you darling readers, closed cabinet type of people….

*image from here*

Or open shelving types?

*image from here*

Because, I love the look of open, but the handiness of hiding all my stuff behind doors….

Home Sweet Home

Kitchen inspiration…

Today I think I’ll post some room inspiration post throughout the day…

Sound like a plan?!

I’m doing this instead of posting pictures from my “Calving Party”….’cause I didn’t take a SINGLE PICTURE!!

Argh! I’m hoping some of my darling friends (who each took hundreds!) will send some great ones my direction and I can post!


Here is some kitchen inspiration! I adore the skull and white walls. Both of which would never work here unless I had a maid….

Darn dirt!

Home Sweet Home

Kitchen inspiration…

*images from annaleenashem*

I am in love with this kitchen…but can’t put my finger on just what it is that I adore.

Care to weigh in with your opinion? What do you like…dislike….on the fence?



Pickling carrots…

I am about to start an adventure that I have never attempted before. Pickling carrots.

I have tried cucumbers before…not a fan of the result. Too much pickling spice, no dill. This time I am armed with a recipe from the internet (meaning someone else’s!) and my pure talent (ha!).

Wish me luck!

And any tips would be greatly appreciated!! (Kelli & Tony this means you…..PLEASE let me have that recipe!!)

Oh, and if it works, I’ll put up the recipe…if it doesn’t, we will never mention this again, ok?!


Home Sweet Home

Unusual decor…

 A while back I posted about The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s kitchen that I LOVE, where she used wooden deer heads. It was something I had never seen that before but now I see them everywhere! I think this is a sign we need them in the house…

*Have to say, I love everything about this living room…the orange, the lamps, the shelves, the cowhide rug, I could go on for hours!*



*Again, cowhide…is this a theme?!* 

tse 19.png


*Love the matching but not matching set here*


 *Love this kitchen too!*

Peely Paint Rusty Vintage White Room


*Teal, chocolate and wooden deer head…can’t get better than that!*


*Not so hot for the minimalistic look. What are your thoughts?*


 *Loving the white shed light in this one too!*


Have a great day!


Home Sweet Home

Deer Heads in the Kitchen?

Have I mentioned that I love “The Pioneer Woman“…Ree Drummond?!?

If you have no idea who I am talking about, the short version is…she’s a mom of 4, rancher’s wife and a blogger. She has a site “The Pioneer Woman” that she started about three years ago and is now raking in just under a million a year from it….The advertising space on it sells for big bucks because she gets like tens of thousands of readers everyday! Craziness….

Anyways, I discovered her before Christmas and spent an afternoon reading her archives about their renovation of a guest house on their ranch…they basically gutted the entire thing and started over.

I now am itching to reno…..the style of the house is gorgeous and I want it! The first thing that caught my eye was the kitchen…


I love this kitchen not because I am a chef by any stretch of the imagination, but because I adore the open concept and think the deer heads are fantastic. My husband on the other hand, disagrees…

He can’t imagine why anyone would hang deer heads in a kitchen…that aren’t real.

“Why would you spend money on wood deer heads when you won’t let me hang my trophy ones in the house?!?”

Hmmmm…he’s got me there…ok, so no deer heads…

But can I have the rock wall and cement countertops?