The Farm

This week on the farm…

Ok, this should be titled “The past two weeks on the farm” because I didn’t get my rear in gear and post this earlier. Will you forgive me if I say I was busy?! Do you believe me?


Last week was both slow and busy around here. With rain just about every day, haying slowed down to a crawl. And since haying was on again/off again, my husband kept busy with the 100’s of other projects that pile up when we aren’t looking. (Changing oil, fixing fence, mineral out to cattle,etc.)

*another thunderstorm moving in*

We also got to go into the Calgary Stampede with the kids (on a day that it POURED!) and had a blast. The grounds were empty and no lines for food. Love that! And we all really enjoyed all the indoor activities, lots to look at and do. My daughter’s favorite were the miniature horses and chicks…

 my husband enjoyed visiting with all the friends we ran into and I loved the…wait for it….shopping! In the past I’ve been disappointed with the trade show that the Calgary Stampede hosts. In years past all there seemed to be were Sham-wows or food processors. Not my idea of fun shopping. But this year, was by far the best I have ever been to. There were numerous western wear booths and home decor ideas. Yay!

A couple of days last week the hay was a little closer to dry (the hay has to be dry or else it rots inside the bales once they are stacked), so we were able to get out and do a few rounds….the next picture is of square baling. We don’t make a lot of these as they are too little to feed the number of cattle we have, we would have to use A LOT everyday. We mostly make large round bales as this way more hay per bale = less trips out to feed cattle. The square bales that we do make we keep for just in case situations…cows calving in the barn or for the horses if they stay in the barn for whatever reason.

And then, thankfully, this week has been a little more sunny, so we got out to do a little more baling…this time with the round baler.

 Have a great day!


The Farm


Browsing the web one day, I came across this great site called FarmOn, which “is a social networking community offering tools that assist both farmers and consumers to buy, sell, educate and explore information and resources.” It covers everything from a social profile page to blogs to articles written by farmers….

My favorite is “The Farm Virgin”…a series where Ben Wilson (a non farmer) gets out and shadows farmers for a day. He video blogs his experience and shows what really happens out on the farm!

Don’t Demonize My Steak!! Is just one of the many blog posts that caught my eye and I thought it was a great post about the real numbers and facts behind what cattle do and don’t contribute to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. To read more, click here

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to put some fabulous Canadian beef on that BBQ!!!


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