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my husband’s BootBarn boots!

Well, eons ago I promised an actual review of the boots that the fabulous BootBarn sent him.

boot barn

I got him to put them on again (men are stubborn things!) and he loves them.

Gawd, I like saying I told you so

They stretched out within the first hour or two of wearing them, and he hasn’t complained mentioned that they are tight since…and as we all know, our farmers are on their feet from sun up to sun down…and during harvest, can be on their feet until the wee hours of the morning too. The boots have taken the workout in stride and show no signs of breaking down anytime soon. The heels/soles aren’t slippery, important for when he is climbing ladders to check bins or equipment. They keep his feet cool when they need to be and warm when the sun goes down. The only suggestion he has had is that it would be nice if the side pullup thingys were holes in the boots as opposed to loops. Working-man hands have large joints and he can’t get them in the loops. But that’s it! He would recommend these to anyone and that is saying A LOT. Farmers are a picky breed and things have to be pretty good to pass their judgement!

~ thanks again to BootBarn for sending him a pair…he was in dire need and they came just in time!!!

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The Garden Fairy…


It happened again.

Just like clockwork, this time of year my garden magically gets planted while I am off doing something (or in bed!).

How do you get this magical, wonderful fairy to appear?!

Well…this was my method….

Ever since we moved into the family farmhouse,  I lucked out in the yard lottery, as the lawn and flowerbeds are gorgeous. This is fantastic for me because I do not own a green thumb, I like to plant and fugetaboutit. Give me something beautiful that grows in hot, dry conditions, that grow year after year all by itself, that likes to spread and fill a flowerbed, and I am in love. I will weed and water…but anything that requires maintenance above and beyond that = bad luck for the plants.

Sunflowers are my absolute favourite and nothing makes me happier (garden wise) than a bunch of random growing sunflowers in a flower bed. This, however, makes my farmer husband’s skin crawl. He can’t sleep at night knowing that outside things are growing and they aren’t in a straight line….I like chaos and he does not. I like random and he does not. I like wild and he DOES NOT…so, you can see where this is going! I plant wildflower seeds by throwing them in the general direction of the dirt…then I hide the packages so that my secret will stay just that until they turn into lovely romantic flowers…

My husband then, just as secretly, while I am away from home, sprays my flowers into submission…

“I just thought they were all weeds…” is his common line of defence.

And the garden….

I attempted to plant this by myself our first year here.

Rookie mistake!

I spent hours out in the freshly rota-tilled dirt, happily planting stuff willy-nilly, and then proudly announced my accomplishment at dinner that night. My husband visibly cringed and then patted me on the back. “Good for you honey!” and went back to eating.

A few minutes later, “I’m sure you remembered to put the rows wide enough for the rota-tiller, right?”

Me… “Huh?”

“You know, so that we can rota-till most of the weeds and then you only will have to weed the rows.”


“You will have to weed the garden you know…how many rows did you do?”

“Ummm…4 rows of corn, 3 of carrots, 4 of peas, 2 lettuce, 3 green beans, 5 zucchini plants and 24 hills of potatoes.”
Needless to say…I had planted enough to feed 9 families and did not leave room to rota-till between the rows. The rest of that year I ended up ignoring the 4 foot high weeds, ran in, picked my veggies and ran out.

And my husband religiously avoided that area of the yard all summer.

I have yet to plant a garden since, because somehow, magically, every spring, my garden plants itself while I am away. And in beautiful straight lines with the perfect amount of rota-till-able space between each row.

It’s amazing!

And so easy to weed!

The Farm

Branding season….

It’s that time of year again….

The cows are (mostly) calved out, the bulls are getting ansy and the pastures are growing great (so much RAIN!).

So, we have to get the heifers and babies ready for sending out to pasture…

This means treating anyone who is sick and vaccinating against those common bugs that they can get while out on grass.


And branding!!!

These pics are from when my darling ran the heifers (last year’s girl babies) through and got them ready to head out for their first year with a bull!


Our little helpers….



And how they kept themselves entertained for an hour….



So much laundry, so little time!!



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Our Adventure…

Last Sunday was (finally!) a nice day out here and still to wet to finish the last 600 acres we have to seed. So we decided to go check on the bulls and take the kids.

When we want our girlie to go with us and not complain, we tell her that we are going on an adventure.

This works wonders.

But she’s three…

I’m waiting for it to stop working….

So we went out to one of the north pastures and wandered around for a while looking at flowers….

Checked out our bulls….

Who are apparently stuck on one side of a slough that is now about 6 feet or so deep.

They’ll be fine…

And we checked out what once was the dugout….

And this is the loner bull.

The others don’t like him very much, so he hangs out by himself.

And was the only one who didn’t get stuck on the other side of the slough….


And then…..

The “adventure” that we promised started….

Yes…my husband let our 1 1/2 year old drive….

And so we were STUCK….

As in not moving an inch….

So my darling carried out the girlie…

And then took this video…



My hubby managed to carry me part way till he “tripped” on a clump of dirt and dumped us both in the water.


But then while we were waiting for our lovely, fantastic and wonderful neighbours to come pull us out….

We caught frogs!!

It was actually a REALLY fun afternoon….

The sun was shining, we had our mosquito spray and then had a great visit with our rescuers….

Not to bad!

Thanks again Holger and Ingrid!!!


My Thoughts


So, obviously I’ve been absent lately.

I was working…



Well, actually, I love my job (Labour & Delivery Nurse)…but I work 12 hour shifts and by the time I drive in from the farm it makes for a LONG day. And I managed to schedule myself for 4 shifts in 6 days. Silly me.

And when I work, the rest of the world comes to a screeching stop. Literally. Dishes are piled, laundry is embarrassing and groceries are few and far between.

I feel sorry for my family.

But they manage and once the shifts are done, I usually have a long stretch off and can usually get our life and home back on track. So I apologize for a lack of posts and socialization…

I miss you all. But….

Hopefully I can get back to posting…I have so many posts in my head to share!!

Love you all!



p.s. Oh ya….one other reason I have been dragging my rear is that I am pregnant…again…. 🙂

The Farm

What we’ve been up to….

So we’ve been busy little bees around here….

Ok, my husband has.

It’s seeding time!!!

Which means he’s been putting in 14 to 16 hour days, and we’ve been missing him a lot!

But it’s got to get done, and it’s only a few weeks of this….

Then it’s spraying time, haying time……


Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to…

This is the girlie playing Snow White…

(yes, this picture is totally random, but she made me laugh…)

My poor tired farmboy….still in his jammies but determined to go!

My husband took this picture….

Prairie chickens (?) on our front lawn…

Our new to us truck…my darling husband and neighbours built it from the frame up….

Not too bad!

Loading fertilizer into the air-seeder…

(ignore my precious, tiny, breakable daughter up on the top…my husband took  this picture! Yikes!)


And that’s it, that’s all!

Yesterday we processed some heifers and did a little branding…I took pictures, I’ll post some later!!

Love ya all!!!


My Thoughts · The Farm

Out here in the sticks….

Here are a few images of what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks…
Here is the girlie out feeding chop to some of the steers…

And a visitor we had a while back…

And the girlie’s cow had a calf….so of course we had to tag it….

(can you tell which one she made?!)

And we discovered an owl’s nest in the cow pasture….

(see it?)

And the girlie has learned to drive….

(totally 100% her dad’s idea….)

And we’ve had a few ( around 130 so far!) babies too….

Hope your week is going great….mine has been fabulous…

The gorgeous girlies of the Junk Gypsy Co. are gearing up for the big wedding and still have time for a shout out for little ol’ me!!!

Feeling lots-a-love from the blogging world this week!!! Thanks all for the comments and feedback!!!!



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Some spring looks…

Being that there is a foot of snow still in  my yard…this is just wishful thinking. But it was fun to create these and I thought that maybe spring has sprung somewhere…

spring look


And of course….for all the ladies out checking their momma cows!! 😉
calving outfit!

Happy Monday all!


The Farm

Our morning…

Yesterday the temperature actually rose above -20C (!!!) so the kids and I headed out to play.

I had a blast!

And I think the kids had fun too…

This is a fort Cassie and her dad built a few weeks ago….

Nice and sturdy looking….

The kids burying themselves….

(yes, my house is now full of straw….)

The infamous fort….

Loved by all…

Well, almost all.

My girl thinking she is hilarious….

“This is what Farmer’s do, right mom?!”

My girlie has muscles!! I now know I don’t have to pull the sled anymore!! Score!

….this is how the flatland farmers tobaggan….

Find the biggest drift next to windfence and…


And the mess after….


Just keeping it real.



DIY · Home Sweet Home

Farmer’s DIY bookcases…

About a year ago my darling built me these bookcases out of old fence planks. He had been ripping out some old fence and saved me some “heifer board” to build these. I adore them and wanted to share!!!

He is so talented…(when he wants to be!) It’s been tough trying to get him to do house stuff when there are frozen waterers and cows to feed. (those darn farm chores!) This weekend he started working on my Mexico bathroom project (!!!) and it looks FABULOUS!! Can’t wait to share! Hope you all are having a great Tuesday…I’m off to volunteer at preschool (?!?!).

Love ya all!