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Out of curiosity…

Out of curiosity, are you darling readers, closed cabinet type of people….

*image from here*

Or open shelving types?

*image from here*

Because, I love the look of open, but the┬áhandiness of hiding all my stuff behind doors….

Home Sweet Home

Kitchen inspiration…

Today I think I’ll post some room inspiration post throughout the day…

Sound like a plan?!

I’m doing this instead of posting pictures from my “Calving Party”….’cause I didn’t take a SINGLE PICTURE!!

Argh! I’m hoping some of my darling friends (who each took hundreds!) will send some great ones my direction and I can post!


Here is some kitchen inspiration! I adore the skull and white walls. Both of which would never work here unless I had a maid….

Darn dirt!

Home Sweet Home

Kitchen inspiration…

*images from annaleenashem*

I am in love with this kitchen…but can’t put my finger on just what it is that I adore.

Care to weigh in with your opinion? What do you like…dislike….on the fence?