Baling wire….I love you.

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

*image from here*

Want one?!

I thought so!

This little piece of fabulousness is the work of Meredith Clowdus…she describes her art as a part of history. And I totally love it. Wanna know a little bit more about this “Farmer’s Rancher’s Trophy Wife“?!

 “My name is Meredith Clowdus from the hill country area of Central Texas.  I live on my family’s ranch with my husband and three kids.
Aside from my sweet little family, I have four things dear to my heart.
The first is my vegetable garden that I tend to daily with Saige, my two year old daughter, and my father.
Second are my hens that lays beautiful green and blue eggs for me faithfully, everyday.
Third, is treasure hunting on my family ranch.  My family and I live on a working cattle ranch that has been in my family for 7 generations.  Through the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, wagons traveled along our creek, heading west, leaving treasure behind to be found generations later.
And finally, silver and gold artisan jewelry.  I fell in love with silver and gold when I was 12 years old.  My mother owned the local flower shop and next door worked the most incredible jeweler.  I pattered around the jewelry store everyday after school sweeping, dusting, stringing pearls, and standing over the jeweler as he torched, carved and manipulated silver and gold.  I was in love…and hooked.
These day, I design and create jewelry made of vintage ranch wire and silver, bronze and gold.  Many jewelry pieces include treasure I’ve found on our ranch.  Also available in my store are singular items I’ve discovered digging through our barns, in our cattle pastures or in caves nestled against our back fence.
Cheers! Meredith “

I was sooo excited to find this darling and her art, and then she has offered to give one of these rings away to one of you lovelies!!!

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

To enter…

1- Visit Meredith’s etsy page, check out all her goodies and come back here leaving my a comment letting us know your favorite item and why!

2- Visit Meredith’s Facebook page, “LIKE” her, tell her I sent ya and then come back here leaving me a new, separate comment letting me know!

3- Retweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway and leave separate comments telling me so!!

Contest will run from today (April 23) to midnight Monday (April 30th), draw will be made via and announced here!

Fashion & Beauty

Since I love it so much…

Awhile back I found this image on pinterest….

And I think I’ve posted it here before….


I love it so much that I went on a little hunt to see if I could copy the look.

Here’s my version!

ON SALE Diamond Solitare Ring In White- One Of A Kind

*image from here*

Organic 14K Yellow Gold Feather Ring - Feather's Gold

*image from here*

MADE TO ORDER Smoky Topaz Solitaire Ring

*image from here*

Thin Gold Band

*image from here*

18k Yellow Gold Wedding Anniversary Diamond Band Bridal Ring

*image from here*


Love ya!!!


Gift Ideas

Sassy magnets…

A darling, wonderful and thoughtful friend recently gave me this magnet. She said it made her think of me…..
Still not sure how to take that, but I’m going with fabulous…
I adore this magnet so much that I wanted to share. It’s from an etsy site that is now bookmarked as a favorite of mine and many people in my life will be getting gifts from here in the future!!!
between 2 evils, i like to pick the one i never tried before pin up magnet


Here are a few more that spoke to me…

I am sorry you must be confused magnet made from recycled tin can lid
Not Gossiping, Networking. Vintage Image Magnet. Recycled Tin Can Lid
if you do not have anything nice to say....magnet. retro image on recycled tin can lid
Shopping and the meaning life Magnet. Vintage Image on recycled tin can lid
Here is her etsy link….ENJOY! 😉

Home Sweet Home

A work in progess…

As I have posted before, we are currently (SLOWLY) renovating our upstairs bathroom. And when I say slowly…I mean SLOWLY. At this point we my dad and husband have replaced the shower, my darling husband has replaced the lights and I have painted the trim and cabinets…I have put on 3 coats of paint already and they need a 4th. For the record, I HATE painting and have come to the conclusion that I am a lazy painter. I didn’t remove the cabinet doors or hardware. Needless to say, this is not working out well. Oh well, live and learn! And the lesson from this is that next time, I am hiring someone!!

One really bright spot was receiving these in the mail! They are my very first purchase from Etsy and I LOVE!! They are from The Bedpost 02 and she has a lot of great stuff. If you haven’t checked out Etsy…what are you waiting for?!

Can’t wait to show you (eventually!) what I plan to do with them!!


Fashion & Beauty

My 100…

Continuing my top 100 (can’t live without) list!!

31- Comfy pants…being on a farm means that I get to have “town” clothes and “home” clothes. And when I am at home, there is nothing I love more than a pair of comfy pants….so nice….


32- Wrap Dress…this is my go to for getting fancy. This style looks fantastic on all body shapes and they can even be used while pregnant!! (for a little while anyways!)


33- Fur…yes I realize this may not be some people’s taste, and that I somedayI might  get red paint thrown on me…but I’m ok with that!




34- Gigantic faux diamond earrings…I love and I wear with EVERYTHING!!



35- Perfume…this is one that I haven’t nailed down yet. I have always wanted to have a signature scent…Chanel No. 5 is always a classic.

Chanel #5 By Chanel For Women, Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4-Ounce Bottle

36- Statement Necklace…I adore a big, flashy, can’t miss it necklace (over my classic white tee or tank!)

Twisted Beauty Necklace


37- Knee high boots…love these with my wrap dress!


38- M.A.C. eyeshadow…love these and love the huge range of colors!!

39- Diamond stacking band…this is another work in progress, I just got my first one after the birth of my son…

…these images are from this is glamorous blog where she is giving away the middle band…check it out and enter!!

40- Military coat…this is a huge trend right now, and usually I don’t jump on bandwagon, but I LOVE my new coat…it goes with EVERYTHING!

Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Look of the week ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

 Sarah Jessica Parker….have I mentioned how EXCITED I am about Sex in the City 2 coming out in 17 days?!?! Well…..I am! So this week’s look is from the lovely “Carrie”!

We all have the basics…our favorite jeans, tank, sunglasses and flip flops….so I’m focusing on the accessories in this look and putting my signature Farmer’s Trophy Wife spin on it…


Instead of the natural wooden beads, I would go with these…. I LOVE!!

They are made by Blacksburg Belle on and I think the color combo is gorgeous!! What is not to love about this?!? And with a grey tank!??




 Next, the leopard scarf…again, love…and I like how she tied it on the bag..with our weather now (sunny then snow!) this would be handy when that wind starts to blow…and it will!



Britt Import Scrunched Wool Shawl - LeopardMelie Bianco Hobo with Chain and Tassels


I would still go with the yellow cardigan…would look great with the teal and orange necklace.


And instead of the tiny gold braclet that I think she is wearing…I’d go big, silver and fabulous!