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Top 100…Guest post!!

Sooooo….I had a bunch of lovely ladies lined up to do some guest posts for the week that I was due with the babe.

And then, SURPRISE…

She showed up 3 weeks early.

So, the posts are here, I just wasn’t organized enough to have them posted last week! But this week, I have things somewhat under control…(LOL). I asked the ladies to write a post containing their top 10 must have items…I started a post series a while back that listed my top 100 items that I love and adore, and this is a continuation of that series…

Hello and welcome to Cheryl McMullen, designer of Double D Ranchwear…a clothing company that I have LONG been a fan of. Their line is western with a twist of fabulousness that only Double D can capture…check out their fall/winter 2011 line and get ready to start adding to your Christmas wish list!!!

Just 10?  Ok, let me narrow this down to the essentials. 

1.     Decleor Essentiel Balm – (essential is even in the name) Pricey but so worth every smear.  Developed to purify and soften the skin but, I use it on everything from cuts, burns, chapped lips, chaffing, tweezed brows , etc.   I keep a jar on my desk.

2.     Pandora Radio – just in you’ve been living in a cave, this is a music site where you can create up to 100 unique “stations” and refine them to suit your personal preferences.  Here is my Design Away station.

3.     LV Luggage – remember the old Chinese proverb, “ Buy the best, cry only once”.  My favorite “go to” piece is the Pegase 55 Business. It’s on wheels and stores easily in the overhead compartment.

4.     A Vintage Bandana – a soft vintage is best but Ralph Lauren makes some great ones too.

5.     Books, Books, Books – When I’m designing I don’t have a lot of time to read, so I download from Audible.  My favorite this year was, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, unabridged.

6.     Apple iMac  – with lightening speed Internet…..‘nuff said.

7.     A great turquoise necklace, ears and honking ring – Much like these from the Milliecent Rogers Museum.

8.     Fresh Flowers – …on my desk or bedside. Flower Girl Farms grows the most amazing blooms in the South Central Texas region.  Check her out for weddings too.

9.     My boys – Since there is no link for them, may I suggest a framed photo or two of your own precious-es. Photos are some of my favorite framing inspirations. Very creative and visually appealing.

10NIV Bible – because it’s the Truth.

My Thoughts

Double D Ranch’s Stocking Contest!!

Head on over to Double D Ranch’s facebook page and either vote for my entry or….

Enter your own!! (and tell me about it so I can vote!)

Most entries are handmade…but since I have about this much () talent in that department….

I went for a different approach!

Double D Ranch Stocking!

Love ya all!!


Look of the Week

Look of the week~Reese Witherspoon

Look of the week is Reese W….a summer look that can be taken into fall by switching up the dress for one more appropriate for cool weather!

REGALLY BLONDE photo | Reese Witherspoon

My Thoughts

While I’m away….

While we are off for a little vacation, I thought I’d leave you with  few other blogs to check out!

Cake Wrecks…seriously funny. And very strange at the same time.

Double Talk….this blog is from one of my all time favorite labels ~ Double D Ranchwear.

The City Sage…a blog about fashion and interior design…LOVE! And this girl is hilarious!!

and last, but not least….

Post Secret…this blog has started a movement. Every Sunday they post anonymous postcards with people’s secrets on them. Some are trivial and some are life changing.


My Thoughts

My Double D Ranchwear Tee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My tee from Double D arrived today!!!!!!

I am super excited and LOVE it!!

I blogged about this tee eons ago (ok, more like 3 months…) and when Cheryl from Double D read it, she popped one in the mail for me!! And I got it today!! I adore the color and attempted to take some self portraits….

Thanks so much ladies!! It made my day, week and month!!

Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Look of the week ~ Heidi Klum

This week’s look is Heidi Klum…

She is so cute and I love her on Project Runway (love me some reality tv!)

I know you all have your favorite jeans, flip flops and sunglasses….so here is the rest with my Farmer’s Trophy Wife twist!!

This tee is called “We are the World” from Double D Ranchwear…love these ladies!!

 Follow Cheryl McMullen on twitter and the Double D blog called Double Talk!!

It’s one of my favorites!

Fringe purse….always a classic!

Love these earrings, they are called “Bundled Wheat”…can’t get anymore Farmer’s Trophy Wife than that!!


 And I ADORE these bangles from Jessica Cushman (the price is steep, but sooo fun!).

This one says “What, this old thing? I’ve had this forever!”

 And this one, I lOVE!

“Candy is dandy, but Liquor is quicker!”


Happy Monday and have a great week! 

Home Sweet Home

A Good Idea…

I read a great post yesterday from the ladies at Double D Ranchwear (Double Talk) and it got me thinking….

Why don’t I write more thank-you notes?

I LOVE getting real mail, you know, the kind with stamps and handwritten by someone who took the time to think of me. And I know that everyone else feels the same way…who doesn’t like a letter instead of bills and junk mail?

So I am going to challenge myself and all of you lovely people to write a letter this week. It can be just one quick “I thought of you today” note or an actual letter to someone  you haven’t seen in a while, (and thanks to Cheryl and the ladies for the great idea!).

And to “Farmer Trophy Wife” things up…here are some fabulous stationary items to inspire you!!


Aren’t these fantastic?!?!

These cards are soooo neat….you can carve the front with whatever you want!!
I love personalized anything…aren’t these beautiful?!


 And these are my favorite!!! I think I might need to order these ASAP!!

Inspired Personalized Stationery