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Because the winter is waaayyyy to long and we all need something fabulous once in a while!


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Polo Anyone?!


Hello my darlings….another reader request!!

This one is from Tracy, she gets to go to a polo match this spring in Texas!! And I’ll admit that this was an interesting one, I’ve NEVER been to a polo match! Totally something on my bucket list and soooo jealous of Tracy!! So after I googled “what to wear to an American polo match” (LOL) I put a few looks together! They (google) suggested “country casual”…jeans, spring dresses and most defintaly flat boots…
Thanks Tracy for the email!!

Home Sweet Home

Cowhide rugs…

 Who doesn’t like a great cowhide rug?!?!



*image from Simply Grove*



*image from Nest Egg*

*image from M. Holtum*

*image from Bliss*

*image from automatism*

And an image that doesn’t quite fall under the catagory of cowhide rug…but I love it!


*image from Cactus Creek Daily*

Fashion & Beauty


So a few days ago I got this tweet…

@junkgypsy bigggg muchas gracias 2 @farmertrphywife 4 listin JG as a fave site!!! XOXOX bacK sista! now…what 2 wear 2 wedding??

 (sorry about the poor copy….I haven’t figured out how to make it look normal…)

Anyways….I jumped around for a minute or two because MY style icons are looking for some advice on what to wear to a wedding…

……..from me!?

And not just any wedding…..

*image from here*
The girlies from Junk Gypsy are BFF with my FAVORITE girl, Miranda Lambert and they get to go to the wedding!!! 
So, now I get to play pretend and show off what I would wear to the PARTAY!!
For a  jumping off point….the easy go-to dress and boots combo….
Killer and oh so simple to find and pull off!!
(and I imagine the girlies would find a fabulous way to JG this up!) 
Next….an oh-so sexy combo of a GORGEOUS lace top, skinny pants (jeans or leather!) and some rockin’ boots….
….I die.
*image from here*
Again…lace top….
I can’t get this out of my system….I love it!
Maybe paired with a gorgeous suede skirt?!
And the next….
The sweet white dress….
Complicated when it comes to weddings though…maybe finding one in cream or PINK (!!) would be better?!
And of course….paired with the BIGGEST belt buckle made…
And this is adorable…
Polka dots…
Frye Boots…
What’s not to love?!
*images from here*
And then this….
 I adore the color, the pattern and the belt…
Find some boots to match the leather and SCORE!!!
*image from here*
And you all know I love me some Ralph….
The skirt and the belt in this image is oh-so dreamy….
I don’t think I’d add the plaid though….
….or the bolo tie……
*image from here*
And now some accessories….
A girl’s best friend….
I could go feather….
*image from here*
Or cowhide….
Bessy Hair on Hide Clutch with Knot Detail UOOAK
*image from here*
Or a great romantic combo of rough and soft…
Black and Antique Pink - Tweed Clutch Purse with Shabby Chic Flower and Feather Embellishment
*image from here*
So many ideas…..so hard to choose!!!
What do you suggest?!
What would you pick?!!?

 p.s. Amie, Jolie, Janie and Phillip….would you sign an extra XO on the wedding card from me?!! Thanks!!! 😉

Home Sweet Home

Brought to you by the letter….

Browsing through design blogs, I have notice this trend over and over and over….

You get the point.

So I have collected a few of my favorites….enjoy!


*images from Solid Frog*

*images from Emmas Designblogg*

*image from Morton Holtum*

*image from annaleenshem*

*images from automatism*

*image from stgirlbybay*

Love ya!

My Thoughts

‘Cause it’s my birthday…

I thought I’d share some things I LOVE…

(some may be repeats…but they are fabulous enough to see twice!)


*image from design*sponge*


*image source unknown*

*images from House of Turquoise*


*image from Country Living*



*images by Shelli Breidenbach*

*jackets from Anthropologie*

*Frye Jane Boots*

*Ralph Lauren*


The Winter Trapper

*Trapper bag by Rebecca Ray*



Home Sweet Home

Unusual decor…

 A while back I posted about The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s kitchen that I LOVE, where she used wooden deer heads. It was something I had never seen that before but now I see them everywhere! I think this is a sign we need them in the house…

*Have to say, I love everything about this living room…the orange, the lamps, the shelves, the cowhide rug, I could go on for hours!*



*Again, cowhide…is this a theme?!* 

tse 19.png


*Love the matching but not matching set here*


 *Love this kitchen too!*

Peely Paint Rusty Vintage White Room


*Teal, chocolate and wooden deer head…can’t get better than that!*


*Not so hot for the minimalistic look. What are your thoughts?*


 *Loving the white shed light in this one too!*


Have a great day!


Home Sweet Home

Our baby’s room…

I tend to be a little unconventional when it comes to decorating…I love color and trying new things.

 So it should be no surprise that our baby’s room is burnt orange!

We painted and decorated it this way for our first baby, and because it is so gender neutral, when baby #2 came along, we didn’t have to change a thing!

This we got at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas a few years ago…I didn’t get the company’s card and can’t remember the name. I LOVED that company, so if you have any idea…


My husband is a HUGE Johnny Cash fan and so as a surprise my Mom put this up on the wall while we were at the hospital having baby #1…he LOVED it!!



My Mom also made this curtain for the room, and she recovered the chair, and made the crib skirt, sheets and made a quilt…

Thanks Mom!!! I love you!


This lamp is my Dad’s from when he was a kid.

He remembers looking at it every night and dreaming about how he was going to be a cowboy when he grew up.

Hope my kids have the same dreams…


And I admit this is a funny photo to have taken/added, but I LOVE this furnace grate and I refinished the hardwood myself. We pulled up the pink carpet that was there when we moved in and found the original hardwood! I spend about a month (pregnant!) sanding, staining and varnishing the floor and LOVE it!! I have big plans to do the whole upstairs one room at a time. This photo inspires me to get started right away!!



I love this room, not only because of all the memories from the babies, but because it was the first room that I decorated when we moved in. It has my (our) stamp on it and feels like home every time I am in there. Can’t wait to show you more of our house/my decorating!! Have a great day!


*linked to The Shabby Nest & Favorite Things Friday*