My Thoughts

More Vegas….

Are you sick of this yet?!?


Here are a few shots of our room…we stayed at the Flamingo and upgraded to one of the new rooms. I liked it.


And there was a HUGE tv…which we never even turned on.

And a tv in the bathroom mirror…that we only turned on to be able to say that we did.

The men out there are in disbelief, I know, I know….we were to busy visiting to bother with the tvs…sorry!


A few other pictures of some stuff that caught my eye….

That’s all for now….don’t worry, there are still a few posts to come…two of my favorite finds are up next week!!


My Thoughts

Yes…I drank A LOT of coffee…

Well, it was a whirlwind four days and so much fun!! I went with two fabulous friends, left all the babies and husbands behind and it was a great vacation! Flying in on Saturday morning we RAN to the convention centre where it was the last day of the “sanctioned” Cowboy Christmas…

Amazing displays and products were everywhere, we didn’t know where to start!! But we managed to maneuver our way around and through it and scored some fabulous stuff¬†(and some great deals too…pays to go on the last day!). We then FLEW to Mandalay Bay and the trade show there….so good, but sad that the venders were ripping down their displays almost a half hour before closing time…what was with that?!

And true to Vegas style….that night….

We were in bed by 10:30….p.m….

Pathetic, I know.

But Sunday was another day at Cowboy Christmas and this time at the Sands…again, last day, fabulous deals and vendors that were packing things up early….

But the Sands was my favorite by far…not sure why, I just liked the variety there and it was HUGE!!

And not to disappoint, Sunday night ended around 6a.m Monday morning….from what I remember there was dancing, a limo, a quick trip to The Little White Wedding Chapel and some gambling. Fun times!!!

Monday and Tuesday were filled with shopping, shopping, shopping!! (FYI…Fendi’s sizes run a little smaller…)

This week I’ll post some pictures and go into more detail about some of my favorite vendors…

Love ya all and sorry for going AWOL for a few days…but I am back now!!


Fashion & Beauty

Leaving on a jet plane…

Oka…you’re probably getting tired of¬† my count down…but I’m too excited to keep quiet (that happens a lot). So here are a few looks that I thought would be fun for what we have planned….

Jet Set


Cowboy christmas look...


Night on the town

Love you all!!!


Home Sweet Home

In our porch…

Welcome to our front porch and as any farm or ranch wife knows…this can make or break a woman.

Endless mud, dust, dog/cat/horse hair and cow manure is trekked in daily. Not to mention the numerous coats, hats, boots and¬†stuff that is always needed, because it never fails that you put away the winter clothes and it snows…in June. Oh, and don’t forget the vaccination guns, gloves, bug spray, sunscreen and argh… get the drift!

Cute kid chaps that we found in Las Vegas and my husband’s old steer-riding rope.

I LOVE¬†the longhorns…again, Vegas. That was a great shopping trip! I LOVE Cowboy Christmas!!

And our fabulous bench…I use this thing a million times a day, usually the car seat is sitting on top, and the hooks are a dream….my daughter can reach no problem!


This is¬†my attempt at a Pottery Barn decorating trick…they always have photos tucked everywhere and I love the look.

(And yes, that’s my hubby steer-riding, I think he was about 13?)

¬†My version of organizing…the vintage crates hold all my kid’s boots, shoes, mitts, etc.

My daughter can get out and put away her stuff easily!