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and my tree AND lights are up!



they are.

i think this is a new record for my family.

not so much the tree part (my department…)

but the lights have been known to go up Dec. 22.

or not at all…

p.s. please don’t forget to enter the jewelry giveaway!! (last day!!)

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Christmas on Main St.

I have recently joined my town’s agricultural society and my first project is organizing out town’s party!

Um. Best assignment ever!

I love party planning…but of course, I have to keep it realistic and within budget!

Problem is. I picture this.

Pinned Image

Or this…

*image from here*


Problem is, street doesn’t look like that (who’s does?!), there may or may not be snow (that’s Alberta for you!) and of course…nothing ever looks like a movie.


I still think it will be a super fun night…unless it’s -30C.
Then all bets are off.

Wanna know what I’ve got planned?!

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Wishing you a PINK Christmas!!

Every year I have a dream of creating a home filled with gorgeous, matching, color coordinating decorations…

Have all my Christmas cards out on time…

Do all sorts of fabulous baking…

Get the presents and wrap them early to beat the rush…

Create all sorts of magical and memorable events for the kids…


So, since I never do it in real life…I thought I’d do it in my “online” life…

Here is that dream…in PINK!

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*images from*

I like doing this post! I think I might have to continue for a bit with different themes…what do you think?!

Merry Christmas!!!



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Reader Request…Christmas Parties!!

It is that time of year again! Christmas parties in all shapes and sizes are already happening…

I think.

Being at home, I am SO out of the loop it isn’t funny.

So, I just have to assume that all you fabulous people out there are getting together, eating amazing meals, drinking wonderful, delicious, alcoholic drinks (can you tell it’s been a while since my last ambrosia martini?!), visiting with friends and if you are lucky, dancing the night away.



Here are a few different ideas for looks…from casual to dressy to formal!

So have fun and please, have at least one drink for me?!

Christmas Party
Christmas parties, fancy
Christmas parties, formal