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This girl has style…

I have fallen in love with this girl’s style. And I’m not a dress kinda girl. But when this girlie does accessories….she DOES IT WELL!!

Check out the Chanel brooch on a faux (NOT CHANEL!) vest….love it!!!

And don’t forget to click on the link to see her blog….

I adore!!

*image from here*

Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Look of the Week ~ Katherine Heigl

I am doing another look of the week because

1- I love doing them

2- I received some lovely comments about this feature…

This ones for you Kimberley and Cheyenne!

This look is of Katherine Heigl. I like her movies.Grey’s Anatomy, not so much…I tend to get mad and yell at hospital based tv shows. It drives my husband nuts, so I’m not allowed to watch them anymore. 🙂


First, super cute shirt from Spool No.72.


 Love this vintage looking belt from Buckle.

BKE Washed Belt

 Add your own boots and jeans…and then the icing on the cake….


Ok, so this isn’t 100% practical, but there are a lot of good knockoffs out there. Just keep your eyes peeled…and until then, you could bagborroworsteal!

Chanel Classic Bag with Flap Handbag


Have a great weekend!!


Fashion & Beauty

My 100…

Continuing my top 100 (can’t live without) list!!

31- Comfy pants…being on a farm means that I get to have “town” clothes and “home” clothes. And when I am at home, there is nothing I love more than a pair of comfy pants….so nice….


32- Wrap Dress…this is my go to for getting fancy. This style looks fantastic on all body shapes and they can even be used while pregnant!! (for a little while anyways!)


33- Fur…yes I realize this may not be some people’s taste, and that I somedayI might  get red paint thrown on me…but I’m ok with that!




34- Gigantic faux diamond earrings…I love and I wear with EVERYTHING!!



35- Perfume…this is one that I haven’t nailed down yet. I have always wanted to have a signature scent…Chanel No. 5 is always a classic.

Chanel #5 By Chanel For Women, Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4-Ounce Bottle

36- Statement Necklace…I adore a big, flashy, can’t miss it necklace (over my classic white tee or tank!)

Twisted Beauty Necklace


37- Knee high boots…love these with my wrap dress!


38- M.A.C. eyeshadow…love these and love the huge range of colors!!

39- Diamond stacking band…this is another work in progress, I just got my first one after the birth of my son…

…these images are from this is glamorous blog where she is giving away the middle band…check it out and enter!!

40- Military coat…this is a huge trend right now, and usually I don’t jump on bandwagon, but I LOVE my new coat…it goes with EVERYTHING!

Fashion & Beauty

My 100…

And to continue my top 100 items for my “I need it to function” list..

11- Chanel Lip Gloss…. my littlest sister got me one as a gift many Christmas’s ago and I’ve been addicted ever since. These and my lanolin “lip” balm is a fabulous combo!


12- Blazer…..this is my “uniform”…I love jeans, cute tee and a smokin’ blazer….I am determined to own one from Zara, the sizes there tend to run small and by the time I get there, the “normal” sizes are always gone!! Darn it!


13- L’Oreal Sunless Tanning Lotion….and ya’ll thought I was a natural bronze!

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion, Deep Natural Tan


14-Bright Nail Polish…..I am in love with hugely bright colors…..on my toes. I’m not brave with polish on my fingers, but my toes…I go crazy!!! These colors are from Piggy Paint (my new fav. nail polish!)

 Angel Kisses

15- Turquoise Jewelry…

 Navajo Silver and Morenci Turquoise Cuff


16- White Shirt…this is another wardrobe staple that works sooooo well with my uniform of jeans/blazer combo!

17- Carhartt….I live on a farm, these are ESSENTIAL!!

18- Victoria Secret Bra……..*no picture…sorry…they won’t let me steal from their site anymore…darn them!*

19- My favorite lotion is a tie between Burt’s Bees and Nivea. They both are a nice thick cream and smell delicious!

NIVEA Creme    Radiance Body Lotion - Burt's Bees

20- My boots….I told you I live in them!

Fashion & Beauty

My 100…

I recently read Nina Garcia’s book “The One Hundred”, where she describes her top 100 items that she can’t live without.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to do the same….100 will take a little while, so I’ll break it down into 10/post…

1- Cowboy boots…I LIVE in boots. 

2- Jeans…..dark wash, trouser jeans are my fav. I love the Essential jeans from the Gap…until they discontinued them…..not happy about that, but this is their next best thing.

3- White tee…so easy to dress up or down.

4- Tank tops…my favorite style is from Joe Fresh (superstore), they are long, cheap and come in amazing colors. My next favorite tanks are from Old Navy and Gap…they are really cute and oh-so affordable!

5- Cocktail Ring…..LOVE this item! I would wear one on every finger if it were socially acceptable… 


6- Bangles……these are gorgeous…and I LOVE this site by the way!!


7- Trench Coat….you can go with the basic beige, or go crazy with color and jazz things up…..isn’t this GORGEOUS!?!!?!

8- Wallet….this is the one my darling husband bought me!

9- Mascara……back in the day, any woman worth her salt wore lipstick no matter what was happening. Ask your mom, aunties or grandma, guaranteed that they had a tube of lipstick on the windowsill that they could throw on if a neighbour drove in. My go to is mascara…heaven forbid I go out without it!

10-Ball Cap….so fantastic for bad hair days. (GO FLAMES GO!!)Flames Ladies Checkmate 2 Cap

My Thoughts

Hello world!

Hello and Welcome to The Farmer’s Trophy Wife blog!!

I’m Cathryn…a mom of two, a farmer’s wife and a nurse. I’m LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything that sparkles or shines and will be the first to admit that although slightly impractical out on the farm, I love my fashion and glam. I’ve been known to work the Chanel lip gloss while out sorting cows and, although my husband laughs at me, own the biggest sunglasses I can find out here! And the “Farmer’s Trophy Wife” title is self-made and very tongue in cheek…what farmer has the time or patience for a high maintenance woman!?

This blog will be about everything and anything that my little heart desires and is really something I’ve created so that my day isn’t ALL about diapers, potty training and where my husband might have left his gloves or wallet or glasses or…

So, I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, I’d love to hear from you!!!