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Calgary Stampede Showcase Stir’Up

Tomorrow is kinda a big deal…

Well. To me.

I get to go to a fancy-smancy gala-type thing!

Ok, not that fancy. But still.

The Calgary Stampede Showcase Stir’Up (haha, get it!?) is a preview of all the western artists that will be showcasing their art during Stampede! I have never been before, and I heard that Kate and Will (you know, THE KATE AND WILL) were there last year! So I am really looking forward to it…Mostly because my friend, Shelagh Blatz will be there with her AMAZING jewelry!!! (check out her facbook and twitter pages!!)

Have you seen her pieces?!

Now, WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!? I know I want to break out my new red boots!! And I went shopping yesterday (yes, I left it to the last minute) and got a couple white dresses. Now, do I keep them white? Or dye them navy blue? (I already got the dye) Ack! I am soooo much better at dressing other people than I am myself!!! Help!

I put some ideas together (ignore the yellow dress, that’s just for fun!), what do you think?!

Calgary Stampede!
Calgary Stampede!
Calgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede
My Thoughts

The Calgary Stampede is HOW MANY days away?!?!

The count is ON, and I am sooo excited!!! I can’t wait, mostly because this year I have a babysitter and I am planning on spending some serious time down there!!!

What about you all?!?!

Because I was thinking…

(a dangerous past-time, I know.)

Let’s do lunch! I would love to get together with you darlings!

Some other bloggers/tweeters and I are going to be meeting up on Saturday, July 14th..

We haven’t picked when or where just yet, but I will keep you updated!!!

Are you coming?!

And don’t worry, I am planning a bunch of posts all about the Calgary Stampede…outfit ideas, what to do/where you HAVE to go AND a giveaway…


My Thoughts

Silver Stetson Gallery…

I got to go down to the CALGARY STAMPEDE the other day with my little family and did we have fun!

Besides the traditional midway rides, games and FOOD (!) we found a lot of free kids stuff to do…

Face painting, play dough fun, bouncy castles and more! (check out the lower level at the Big Four building if you can!)

And then we did my favorite part…

The trade show!

Every year I look forward to this, hoping to find some great new stores or items…

And in the past, I have been disappointed.

Disappointed enough that I have written to the Calgary Stampede about it. Who wants booth after booth of magic carpet cleaners or slap chop?

Either they got my email and took it VERY seriously…or more than one complaint was heard by the Stampede, because in the last few years, the booths have gotten better…

Not Las Vegas Cowboy Christmas better…

But better.

This year was great because I discovered a new local store and did some shopping!!


And these are just a few items they had! Silver Stetson Gallery is a newer company located in Okotoks, Alberta and they describe themselves as…

“Silver Stetson Gallery is the place to find something “just a little bit different” in western and southwestern décor and art.”

Check them out and tell them The Farmer’s Trophy Wife sent ya!!

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Look of the week ~ Penelope Cruz summer

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy (almost) Fourth of July!

And happy long weekend to all!!!

Here is ANOTHER look of the week….

I know, you are getting bored of these…

But I haven’t done them in so long that it’s addicting…

Sorry! 😉

WRAP STAR photo | Penélope Cruz


look of the week...Calgary Stampede!


I think I NEED these boots…..
Fashion & Beauty · Look of the Week

Summer look of the week_Gisele Bundchen

GISELE BÜNDCHEN  photo | Gisele Bundchen

 *image from*


Look of the week...Calgary Stampede style!

 Hello all!!

With Calgary Stampede coming up, I always feel such a rush for great western style…knowing that this year I will be even more amazed by the great style in Calgary than I was last year!

Here is great look of the week…enjoy!



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Calgary Stampede…

*me…back in my Calgary Stampede Ranchgirl days…*

The countdown is on!!

Soon it will be the biggest show on earth here in Calgary and I am excited! This year I am planning to head down there much more than once, and hopefully kid free…

Yes, we will be taking them one day, but it’s a bit much navigating the crowd and such with two kids that would much rather wander off than sit with mommy and people watch.

That is one of my favorite things to do at Stampede.

I’m guilty, I admit it.

I LOVE it!

People get into such amazing Stampede spirit and dress to the nines for it. LOVE!

And this year I am planning to take my camera down and capture some of that spirit!! Can’t wait!!

Are you going?!? Have you ever been?! What is your favorite part?!



The Farm

This week on the farm…

Ok, this should be titled “The past two weeks on the farm” because I didn’t get my rear in gear and post this earlier. Will you forgive me if I say I was busy?! Do you believe me?


Last week was both slow and busy around here. With rain just about every day, haying slowed down to a crawl. And since haying was on again/off again, my husband kept busy with the 100’s of other projects that pile up when we aren’t looking. (Changing oil, fixing fence, mineral out to cattle,etc.)

*another thunderstorm moving in*

We also got to go into the Calgary Stampede with the kids (on a day that it POURED!) and had a blast. The grounds were empty and no lines for food. Love that! And we all really enjoyed all the indoor activities, lots to look at and do. My daughter’s favorite were the miniature horses and chicks…

 my husband enjoyed visiting with all the friends we ran into and I loved the…wait for it….shopping! In the past I’ve been disappointed with the trade show that the Calgary Stampede hosts. In years past all there seemed to be were Sham-wows or food processors. Not my idea of fun shopping. But this year, was by far the best I have ever been to. There were numerous western wear booths and home decor ideas. Yay!

A couple of days last week the hay was a little closer to dry (the hay has to be dry or else it rots inside the bales once they are stacked), so we were able to get out and do a few rounds….the next picture is of square baling. We don’t make a lot of these as they are too little to feed the number of cattle we have, we would have to use A LOT everyday. We mostly make large round bales as this way more hay per bale = less trips out to feed cattle. The square bales that we do make we keep for just in case situations…cows calving in the barn or for the horses if they stay in the barn for whatever reason.

And then, thankfully, this week has been a little more sunny, so we got out to do a little more baling…this time with the round baler.

 Have a great day!


My Thoughts

Miranda Lambert concert…

On the last Saturday of the Calgary Stampede, I got to go to the Miranda Lambert concert!!

Or so I thought.

I bought the tickets thinking Miranda was the headliner.

Not so much.

Apparently, she was the opening act with Jason Aldean as the headliner.

I was a little upset to say the least, and my friends got a good laugh.

Oh, well! It was still a great concert!!



The Farm

This week on the farm…

This week the world-famous Calgary Stampede kicked off…which means Calgary basically shuts down for  10 days and enjoys lots of sun, rodeo and ummm, beverages.

So, around here that means….haying.

Yes, exciting times.

This week my darling husband got the discbine out of the shed, tuned it up and started cutting.

He averages about 100 acres in a day (12-16 hrs) if everything goes smoothly. But, of course, life on the farm never goes smoothly. So 3 days in we have had 2 breakdowns. Minor ones, but still annoying! At this point we have 180 acres down and 200 to go.

Once the hay is cut it needs 3-7 days to cure (dry) in the hot sun, then it’s time to rake (pile two swathes together) and bale.

*that's our farm in the background*

But for now, we are cutting…and praying that the rain stays away till the hay is baled and stacked…

Which around Calgary Stampede time is wishful thinking….has there ever been a stampede that it didn’t rain (or hail)?!


My Thoughts

My wild and woolly days…

Well, its Calgary Stampede time (YAHOO!) and  if we make it to Calgary for a day that will be great…because between kids and haying…life is a little busier these days.

But, about 9 years ago, I was there everyday!

I had the FABULOUS experience of riding for the Calgary Stampede Ranchgirls for 5 summers and loved every minute of it!

The Calgary Stampede Ranchgirls are those beautiful ladies that open the rodeo each and everyday carrying the flags and getting the crowd ready for some fabulous entertainment. And boy, is it exciting!

Thousands of cheering people, fast music and fireworks!

And nothing is more exciting than horses and fireworks!

*I’m on the bottom row, 4th from the right*

So much fun!

So, if you see those lovely ladies out there this week, give them a wave and a YAHOO!!