My Thoughts

i am GONE!

and i’m off like a herd of turtles…

TEXAS baby!

and i will think of all of you every minute i am gone! ūüėČ

until i get back…

here are some things i am loving on these days!!

luv u!


(print for sale here!!)

these are pretty!

(from here)


new blogger!!! check her out here!! (she’s gonna attempt to mend her man’s jeans…bahaha…i don’t think that has ever even crossed my mind.

i am a terrible wife…

yes. i caved. i bought probably the most expensive makeup highlighter ever made…

and i don’t even¬†feel bad about it! ūüėČ

My Thoughts


I’m outta here tomorrow, and my bags are not yet packed and¬†my laundry even close to being done…oh well!

That said, this post will be short and sweet…but you can find me over on Little Prairie Baby! I was invited over there for coffee and well….just check it out!! I’m also posting on Sheplers Western Wear’s blog this weekend!! Check me out there for updates on my Vegas trip!! Although I will be taking tons of pictures and sharing a lot with you all here when I get back!!

Can’t wait!!



My Thoughts

Why I blog…


*image from Total Wallpapers*

This question is one that not only have I asked myself, but¬†have been asked by others;¬†and I haven’t discovered my favorite answer yet. Or rather an answer that actually is short enough not to bore people.

I started because I had just had baby # 2 and wanted to think about something other than diapers and sleepless nights. The content is all stuff that appeals to me, and I figure if I like it…someone else will too?! I had¬†searched for western sites or blogs in the past and never found anything that was my style, western with a lot of flash. And so thought, why not make up my own.

Here I am,¬†10 months later and loving it. It was a hard balance at first, finding time to write/create posts and still getting kids fed, house cleaned and laundry did. My poor, darling husband ran out of clean socks a few times before I found my rhythm; and he didn’t complain once.

Maybe this is another reason why I blog. I can vent my creative/sparkly personality and have tremendous support from my family. Maybe my husband figures if I write about fashion and clothes, I’ll spend less time shopping for them?!

Either way, I am in love with this blogging thing and appreciate all the support and comments from all you fabulous people who actually read this thing! And what is that you love? I am in a blogging rut lately and sometimes worry that I put out too much of one thing and not enough of others….or am too all over the place…or that I should try harder to show more of our farming life…

Feedback is fabulous, so let me know! Thanks!!!


My Thoughts


LoveWallpaper.jpg Words of Love picture by phillygirl_001

I bit the bullet and started a facebook¬†page for The Farmer’s Trophy Wife. Scary. I mean it’s one thing to know I that only have 10 facebook friends….it’s another for the world to know that. ūüôā

But heck, you only live once right?! So, why not.

I love this blogging¬†gig and truly love all of you for actually reading this thing! All the comments, emails, tweets and facebook messages make my day, week, month and year. You all are the best ever for all the love and support…without you, there would be no blog…thanks!

You can find me here on facebook….


Fashion & Beauty

I need these in my clutches…

I have a list of blogs that I visit on a regular basis…the topics¬†range from farm life¬† to food to…of course…shopping! My top favorite shopping blog is The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style….I love it! She has great taste that is wide ranging…everything from the current¬†trends to jewelery to shoes to this………..¬†

Clutch by SpoolNo.72


She did a post on the site Spool No. 72 and I adore!!! They have fantastic stuff…….LOVE IT!!!¬†¬†

AND they ship to Canada…aren’t they fabulous!¬†¬†

I can’t decide between this…¬†¬†


Or this…¬†¬†


Or this…¬†¬†