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my newest bff

ok. so maybe she’s not my bff.

and really, she doesn’t even know i exist.

and for that matter, i don’t actually know what her first real name is…

but i love her just the same.

who am i talking about?!?!

FlyLady, of course.

haven’t you heard of her?!

i hadn’t either till one of my real life bffs sent me the link that changed my life.


i am only on day 2. but still.

any website that can get me up off my butt and cleaning my sink on a sunday needs to be described as life changing.

don’t believe me?

here is the before…ok, the during, i forgot to take a before picture…

the middle (yes, i took a pinterest break while stuff was “soaking”…it WAS sunday…)

and after.

seriously. i am anti-anything related to cleaning.

hate it.

with a passion.

and i ACTUALLY got up, left pinterest behind. and cleaned my sink.

AND my microwave, dishwasher and front-load washer.


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my husband’s BootBarn boots!

Well, eons ago I promised an actual review of the boots that the fabulous BootBarn sent him.

boot barn

I got him to put them on again (men are stubborn things!) and he loves them.

Gawd, I like saying I told you so

They stretched out within the first hour or two of wearing them, and he hasn’t complained mentioned that they are tight since…and as we all know, our farmers are on their feet from sun up to sun down…and during harvest, can be on their feet until the wee hours of the morning too. The boots have taken the workout in stride and show no signs of breaking down anytime soon. The heels/soles aren’t slippery, important for when he is climbing ladders to check bins or equipment. They keep his feet cool when they need to be and warm when the sun goes down. The only suggestion he has had is that it would be nice if the side pullup thingys were holes in the boots as opposed to loops. Working-man hands have large joints and he can’t get them in the loops. But that’s it! He would recommend these to anyone and that is saying A LOT. Farmers are a picky breed and things have to be pretty good to pass their judgement!

~ thanks again to BootBarn for sending him a pair…he was in dire need and they came just in time!!!

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Them are some fancy boots lady….

Don’t I know it!?!

Ok, here’s the deal, BootBarn contacted me eons ago, they wanted to send me some boots (!!) in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

Free boots? AND they ship to Canada?!?!?!

I’m in!

AND they sent a pair along for my husband!

I was liking Boot Barn more and more all the time!!

The boots arrived here via UPS (it was fun having them attempt to find the farm!) and I pulled them out of the box. The leather smell was devine…even my kids noticed and commented! I picked the red ones, because for one, I don’t own a red pair, and two, never in a thousand years would I go out and BUY red, but free?! Sign me up!! And to be honest, they aren’t so much RED as a soft cranberry or super dark pink. And I like that. Based on the website picturesShyanne_BBW15_15 Medium

I was picturing them to be red-red…so if that is what you are going for…these aren’t the ones for you.

Next up, the all important “TRY-ON”.

These Shyanne boots are exclusive to Boot Barn, and their claim is that they are proud to have you compare them to your favorite boots, because they know you will be impressed! (or something along those lines, LOL).

OF COURSE I was skeptical. I mean really, you can PROMISE that I will love them as much as my worn in boots?!?! O-kay….

Um, Ya.

They are fabulous.


From the minute I put them on, I have loved them.

(Nothing is ever perfect of course, so each time I have worn them I have taken the precaution of using my secret weapon for potential heel or ankle rubbing. Nursing pads!! Any of you nursing moms out there know what I am talking about, those who aren’t…nursing pads are palm sized circles that are just like maxipads, but are for, well, leakage. Boobs leak (A LOT) during different phases of breastfeeding and these are a nursing moms best friend. And they work PERFECT for protecting ankles or heels against rubbing!! They have sticky backs, so I just stick them inside my socks at the right spots and go! They don’t move and even if I pull off my boots somewhere, no one can see them, so no embarassing moments! LOVE!!)

First time I wore them…5 hours of mall shopping.


No sore feet!

Second time I wore them, Artist Showcase Stir’Up at the Calgary Stampede (4 hours of walking). Loved them.

My mom wore them to the Calgary Stampede finals, 8 hours on her feet, (and she doesn’t usually wear cowboy boots) and no complaints of sore anything!!

I am sold. For the cost of the boots, $180 (!!), the quality is (as far as I can tell) as good as my Old Gringo boots (gasp!). I would buy these boots in a heart beat…and probably will! (don’t tell my husband…)

The only concerns/negatives I would have to point out are the color (see above), the fact that the hide has some darker spots on the tops of the feet (but no leather is perfect, so it didn’t bother me) and my mom mentioned that they are VERY slippery on smooth wet concrete.

That’s it. I have paid WAY more money for lesser quality boots before. I would reccomend these in a heart beat!! So, thanks Boot Barn and way to go! These are fab!


One of you lucky ducks gets a pair!!

Yup, Boot Barn would love to giveaway a pair to you! They do want me to mention (that becasue these boots are so popular), “If for any reason the winner’s first style choice and/or size is not available at the time of this giveaway, there may be a delay in prize shipment until new stock arrives or we may ask the winner to select another style.”

To enter…

1- leave a comment below!! That’s it!

2- for a second entry, leave a NEW, SEPARATE comment below if you tweet about this contest! (please tweet this…) There is a FABULOUS boot giveaway going on thanks to @FarmerTrphyWife and @BootBarn!!  Follow this link to enter!

3- for a third entry, leave a NEW, SEPARATE comment below if you pin my white dress/red boot picture and tag it as a giveaway!

4- for a fourth entry, leave a NEW, SEPARATE comment below if you facebook about this giveaway!

5- for a fifth entry, leave a NEW, SEPARATE comment below if you blog about this giveaway!!!

(giveaway will run from today (the 18th) to midnight Monday July 23rd, winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 24th!)

Now, my husband was also lucky enough to have a pair sent to him! They sent a pair of their Cody James boots…another brand exclusive to Boot Barn.

This is what they looked like when I pulled them out of the box…

CodyJames_BBS16_15 Medium

This is what they looked like at the end of day one…

He WORE them that day. First hour was in ankle deep water chasing cows, and the rest of the day was spent fixing fence and other such farm-y type stuff.

He was impressed by the fact that these boots don’t leak, something his other ones usually do, new or old, they have leaked. So that is pretty good! He had one sore spot on his ankle, but he says he always gets that from any boots, and he did wear these ones for at least 14 hours. By the end of day one, he was impressed.

And then never wore them again.

I know.


They shrunk from the water and he didn’t bother to rewet and stretch them. I even oiled them for him to wear them again and restretch them. Nope.

Good thing he isn’t the blogger…


Sorry Boot Barn. He is  a terrible reviewer…

But he did give them to our hired man, so next time he is in for lunch, I will ask his opinion!!!!


Baling wire….I love you.

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

*image from here*

Want one?!

I thought so!

This little piece of fabulousness is the work of Meredith Clowdus…she describes her art as a part of history. And I totally love it. Wanna know a little bit more about this “Farmer’s Rancher’s Trophy Wife“?!

 “My name is Meredith Clowdus from the hill country area of Central Texas.  I live on my family’s ranch with my husband and three kids.
Aside from my sweet little family, I have four things dear to my heart.
The first is my vegetable garden that I tend to daily with Saige, my two year old daughter, and my father.
Second are my hens that lays beautiful green and blue eggs for me faithfully, everyday.
Third, is treasure hunting on my family ranch.  My family and I live on a working cattle ranch that has been in my family for 7 generations.  Through the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, wagons traveled along our creek, heading west, leaving treasure behind to be found generations later.
And finally, silver and gold artisan jewelry.  I fell in love with silver and gold when I was 12 years old.  My mother owned the local flower shop and next door worked the most incredible jeweler.  I pattered around the jewelry store everyday after school sweeping, dusting, stringing pearls, and standing over the jeweler as he torched, carved and manipulated silver and gold.  I was in love…and hooked.
These day, I design and create jewelry made of vintage ranch wire and silver, bronze and gold.  Many jewelry pieces include treasure I’ve found on our ranch.  Also available in my store are singular items I’ve discovered digging through our barns, in our cattle pastures or in caves nestled against our back fence.
Cheers! Meredith “

I was sooo excited to find this darling and her art, and then she has offered to give one of these rings away to one of you lovelies!!!

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

To enter…

1- Visit Meredith’s etsy page, check out all her goodies and come back here leaving my a comment letting us know your favorite item and why!

2- Visit Meredith’s Facebook page, “LIKE” her, tell her I sent ya and then come back here leaving me a new, separate comment letting me know!

3- Retweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway and leave separate comments telling me so!!

Contest will run from today (April 23) to midnight Monday (April 30th), draw will be made via and announced here!

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Texas here I come!

Only 2 more sleeps until TEXAS!!!

Can you tell I am a little excited to head out on a vacation!? I get to go with one of my bestest girlfriends and our matching babies… (I say matching because we’ve managed (for the 2nd time) to have babies days apart!)

We head out on Friday, roll into Austin that night and then head out to ANTIQUE WEEK for Saturday and Sunday!!! I am beyond excited to go…and nervous too. How will I be able to take seeing all the fabulous stuff and not having any way to drag it back home?! (although I’m sure that where there is a will, there is a way…as in UPS?!)

And the weather…haven’t checked the 7 day forecast yet, but anything other than snow and wind will be a welcome change! I plan to spend at least 15 minutes just standing and soaking up some vitamin D…

Of course, I also need to pack. I am a CHRONIC overpacker, but I am going to be resisting the urge this time because I am hoping to be able to jam as much stuff as possible into my suitcase for the ride home. Like these bad boys…

Yup…the ladies of Gypsyville have a pair with my name on it! SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

I am also thrilled to FINALLY meet those chickas!!! I feel like I already know them, and I’ve warned them that I am a hugger…but Jolie reassures me that all Texans are huggers, so it is all good! LOL

My plan is also get all the laundry done in the whole house before I leave…


And in the spirit of planning to do all this stuff, I thought I’d waste more time playing on the computer instead of actually doing anything and create some outfit ideas for this weekend!

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Need an excuse to go shopping?!

Wanting to find some great additions for your spring wardrobe?! Well, here is your excuse/reason!! For fun, I’ve gotten together some of my favorite western fashion bloggers and created a little something! Meet Danielle of Pinup Chronicles, Suzie of UrbanCountryStyle and Brandy of Camo & Cashmere!! Together, the four of us are going to bring to you our picks for each fashion season, each armed with the same budget ($300.00), month by month we will show you what we have picked as our “must have items” for the season!! Exciting or what?! 🙂 We’ll also let you in on why we picked what we did and from where! I can’t wait to get started!!!

But first, we need to meet our panel!!

278596 1998961171512 1168001799 31935621 4108823 o About

Danielle Hayes  is the co-founder and editor at Real Time Style and the energetic voice behind the fashion/lifestyle blog Pinup Chronicles; where she explores trends in fashion, fitness and aims to help women step outside their style comfort zones . As a self-professed personal style addict, Danielle has a keen eye for spotting trends and expressing them in unexpected ways. Danielle began blogging over 7 years ago with a small blogspot site that focused on her unique vision of western fashion; inspired by her life as the wife of a cutting horse trainer. Danielle’s ability to bring niche sections of fashion and lifestyle into the mainstream has been the platform of all her endeavours. Her ability to engage her audience and assist brands in reaching their target market with a lifestyle driven focus is Danielle’s true passion.

You can see more of Danielle’s work at Fashion As Identity, where she is a co-editor. Danielle’s writing can also be seen in trend reports from Design Options.

Suzie Salmon of UrbanCountryStyle ~ “I am just a city girl, who started as a small town girl,  who is now living a country life…in the city. I may not ride a horse, but my “urban saddle” is my Tahoe and I have more cowboy boots than most rodeo queens! I crave the coziness of the country, so my home and personal style have evolved to match that desire. I want to show you all how country and city can meet, and that even with the hustle and bustle all around you, you can create a look and a sanctuary that calms and feeds even the busiest of souls. Every day can be your own personal trip to the country!”

Brandy of Cashmere & Camo ~ “How would I define myself? In a nutshell, a conundrum, I have one foot in the concrete jungle staring out the highrise when I’m at work and my heart set in the country. Many people who know me in my corporate setting are surprised to hear about my hobbies and passions. I love the outdoors and being able to hunt and fish, ride my trusty paint mare Okie and have a love for fashion, cooking and other items I find inspiring in life. My blog is just to report on those things and maybe inspire or entertain people just like myself who are a little bit city and a little bit country.”

And little ol’ me…


I’m Cathryn and am a self-described Farmer’s Trophy Wife! I live with my husband and our three kids on our 3rd generation farm/ranching operation and am known around these parts as the woman with the perfectly arched eyebrows hidden under my toque in -30 degree weather and the one who wears designer sunglasses while mowing the lawn. I write about anything and everything that strikes my fancy and I hope you enjoy!

Excited yet?! I know I am!!!

Check in the rest of this week for what will inspire our picks this month and then I’ll post what made the cut this month!!!

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one item…two ways…

I have to say a HUGE sorry for the serious lack of posts lately. My baby girl has decided that 8 to 12pm is her favorite time to be awake…and this means mommy has to pay attention to her, or ELSE! And that is usually my “ME” time when I get my blogging done! Darn it!

But…she’s asleep right now…sooo…

This post is a new idea for me…totally stolen from another blogger of course, because what good idea isn’t?! 😉

I love the blog, ALL THINGS LOVELY, and she does a post series called “Dress Up, Dress Down” …my title, not so original…help me out here if you want!!

one item, two ways


What do you think?! I know that a lot of  the items that I use can be on the $$$ side. And I totally realize that this is impractical, but when I am making “looks” I just pick things that appeal to me in their shape, color and style. I don’t pick based on designer or price tag, and by no stretch of the imagination do I think that you need to spend big bucks to recreate these looks yourselves. All I am hoping you take away or copy is the idea. Many things can be found for a heck of a lot cheaper in your favorite stores…GAP, Zara, Joe Fresh or wherever you love to shop, keep the “looks” in mind when you are shopping and I can guarantee you will be able to recreate on your budget no problem!!
I also have a question for you all.
I have been asked to participate in a ag-conference discussing fashion and interior design with woman from all sorts of ag. backgrounds. The theme/lecture is totally up us (I love a team effort!) and I was wondering, if you were to attend something like this, what would you like me to talk about?! Thanks in advance for all the help!!!
Hope your week is going fabulous and love ya!!
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Top 100…Guest Post!

I am so happy to introduce ANOTHER guest blogger!!

Aren’t I a lucky girl to have such amazing blogger friends?!! Today is Brandy from Cashmere & Camo… a fab blog from an Alberta girl who LOVES her fashion and hunting…can’t get a better combo than that!

This post is another addition to the “TOP 100 can’t live without items“!!

C&C Wishlist

When the FTW asked me to come up with a list of my top ten items that I love and need, I thought it would be easy! But when I got down to the brass tacks of writing out my list I realized my wants and needs weren’t jiving.  As life evolves so does my list so as of today my top 10 things I LOVE but necessarily don’t need, but WANT anyways  are:

1. Shearling Ranch Coat– I love soft, classic shearling! Combine that with the practical idea of a ranch coat and I have a very romantic vision of going out to the barn on a winter morning and saddling up my horse in style.


2. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch- I’m not even particular on which one, I love them all!

3. Valentino Dress- I’m currently in love with lace and would love a classic Valentino shift that can transition through the years.

4.    Old Gringo Erin Bone Boots- Ok, maybe jumping the gun here but I would love these boots for summer or even a wedding look?


5. Tom Ford Sunglasses- It’s hard to find them in Canada but every time I see a pair of sunglasses I like it turns out to be Tom Ford.


6. Doloris Petunia Cuff- These cuff’s have a vintage flair with enough glitter and glam to make a statement every time.  They would make a great investment piece to my accessories collection!


7. Western Inspired Doctor’s Bag- I have always wanted a classic leather Dr’s bag to use as a carry on or weekend bag.  Found this vintage one at Modern that I love.


8. Ralph Lauren Leather Corset Belt- My all time favorite designer Mr. Ralph Lauren. I would love to splurge and get one of the corset belts for dresses and jackets. 

9. Pewter & Antler Handled Serving Tray- I love the changes Eddie Bauer has made to their store, from the outerwear to their Home section.  This serving tray is on my list for heirloom items I’d love to have.

10. Pendleton Bedding Set– A throw is defiantly on my Christmas list this year, but I’ve looked at some of their amazing bedding and would love to snuggle up in something like this….
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Top 100…Guest Post!!

The highlight of my week was getting a FABULOUS care package/baby gift from the girlies of the Junk Gypsy Co.!!! They rock…fashion-forward, amazingly talented and soooo sweet!! I can’t wait till Frances is big enough for her Mama Tried top…I will totally be posting pictures!!! AND not only are they thoughtful…Jolie sent over a guest post for my TOP 100 list!!!

What a week!!!

Thanks again and LOVE YOU!!!!

Things we can’t live without??!!!!


1)      Boots. They really are a girls best friend.

2)      Dark chocolate…really dark. I like it 85% and lots of it.

3)      Work gloves…beat up, sweat-stained, fits ya like an old pair of jeans, work gloves

4)      Lip gloss.

*I’m not sure which lipgloss is Jolie’s favorite…but since this Farmer’s Trophy Wife adores Chanel…that’s the one I’m showing!!*

5)      Power tools

6)      Paint & paint pens…doodling is our weakness.


8)      Avocados

9)      Cayenne pepper

10)   The country air…the country sky at night…GoD BLESS the country.

How’s that?? That was a reallllly quick top 10…!!!

 And the #1 thing I miss??!!! CB radios!!!! Banana clips! Leg warmers! Ok…just kidding on the banana clips and leg warmers…but we do need to resurrect CB radios, baby!!


Thanks Jolie!!! Love all your picks and am DIGGIN’ those boots!! Totally on my Christmas list!!!

Merry Christmas my darlings….and check back tomorrow…I’m continuing my theme Christmas posts with a Junk Gypsy inspired one!!!



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Top 100…guest post!!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope your weekend was great and that you avoided the crowds, malls and crazy parking lots!! I did a whole bunch of nothing and enjoyed every minute!

Today I am so excited to have another guest blogger!!! Welcome Suzie from UrbanCountryStyle and thanks so much for joining in the fun!! I asked Suzie to continue our “Top 100…can’t live without”post series and she was super excited to share!! Suzie has a FABULOUS blog that I totally recommend checking out…it’s full of fashion, home decor and food! What more could anyone ask for?!

Suzie Salmon’s Top Ten

I’ve made this little Polyvore set as a guide to my top ten, but as you will all see, I can turn that 10 into nearly 100 because I like to bend the rules a little 😉

Suzie Salmon's Top Ten List

1. JEANS-My all time favorite jeans are my William Rast skinny jeans but I also love my Levis boyfriends, and of course my boot-cut True Religions, and I cannot forget my Joe Fresh collection either…JEANS they are my go to item. Dress them up, dress them down, what’s not to love about that!

2. LONG-SLEEVED WHITE TEES- I love them with jeans, under scratchy sweaters, layered under a plaid shirt, with PJ bottoms. I’ll wear them almost anywhere! I buy half a dozen at the beginning of the winter season and then I replace them with?…you guessed it, short-sleeved white tees for summer!

3. JEAN JACKETS- I have many and I almost NEVER buy them new. I go to the Thrift Store and pick them up for about $5 and when I’m tired of one I’ll re-donate it so the Thrift Store can sell it again! I imagine everyone doing this and hope that the Hospice Society that my Thrift Store supports averages about $100 per jacket over time!

4. FUR VESTS-well fur anything actually, but I love the look of layering a great fur vest over the jean jacket. It’s a huge upgrade and updated version of my old down vests. It allows you to take me out almost anywhere eh?

5. PENDELTON SCARF-again, Pendelton anything. I love their blankets so much that I keep collecting them hoping one day to make a quilted Pendleton jacket…I’m kidding of course…If you catch me in anything quilted you can officially take my blog away from me!!!

6.BOOTS!!!! Enough said? I will wear them in any style, anywhere, in every way. My favorites are my old Ariats. I think I could run a half marathon in them since they are THAT comfy! I also love my Frye boots and my vintage cowboy boots. The vintage pairs are beautifully worn. I often find myself wondering what cowboy fell off his horse at a rodeo, and while he was knocked out who is the person who stole his boots and put them in the vintage store for me to find? I almost forgot to mention my riding boots in every color, my hunter boots in black gatorish pattern, and my OTKs in black suede…I guess BOOTS should have been my number one mention, right?

7. DR HAUSCHKA’S SKIN CARE- This is pretty much the only thing that I can use on my face. I’m ultra sensitive, and this just whisks the make-up away in a very gentle way. At night, there’s no night cream in their regiment (they say you don’t need it as your own skin does the work if you let it). This suits the tired and LazySuzie that usually appears right after dinner.

8. NEUTROGENA SPRAY ON SUNSCREEN-I love that when you put this on, you have no idea you’re wearing it. No need to get icky sticky hands when you apply it as you just point and spray. And no need for someone to do your back because the spray reaches everywhere. It’s a sunscreen that gives me girl power, independence, and no tan lines! Pale is the new tan people!

9. MAC MAKEUP – I love Spice lipliner and Teddy for the eyes. I also love MAC’s Studio Fix powder as I hate liquid foundation. I have a thing about products you must apply that leave you wanting to wash your hands when you’re done. After I put on my YSL Sheer radiance in the a.m. then I dust on the Studio Fix with a foundation brush, line the eyes and lips, add a coat of gloss and I’m ready to go.

10. CROSS NECKLACES- I have a thing about them. I love them long, long, long…belly button long is ideal if you ask me! I have them in many colors, stones, non-stones, bling, everything but Turquoise…which is currently a work in progress that I’ll share when I have it in my hot little hands because it’s going to be a thing of beauty!

There you have it! Suzie Salmon’s top ten, magically multiplied by the powers of Suzie 🙂

Thanks for letting me stop by FTW. You know you’re my all time favorite gal, and it’s been an honor to be included here!