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Update on my little project…

About two weeks ago I mentioned that Iwas going to start a project….


So far I have dug the mexican sink out of storage, picked a wall paint color, bought some super cute drawer pulls from Anthropologie….

and have an idea for lighting….

Bel Air Lighting 4-Light White Ceramic Traditional Vanity Fixture

*image from here*

and thinking about using this as a backsplash…

tin ceiling panels tin ceilings

*image from here*

Basically…not much has happened.

At this point I am waiting on my “darling” husband to bring me in some 2×8 barnboard for me to sand the bezejus out of and the laquer the bezejus out of for the countertop…then my fabulous brotherinlaw will come to plumb in the new sink!! And then I can paint and redecorate.

The whole plan is pretty much on hold till my “darling” husband remembers to haul the wood in from the snow….

So if anyone of you are his facebook friends/see him/ know his cell number….and you know who you are…Feel free to let him know I would appreciate if he helped me out. LOL!

Ta ta for now!!!

Home Sweet Home

My bathroom project…

Well, it’s done.

Here are a few before pictures…

*that’s my darling dad, he and my husband replaced our leaky shower which kick started my project!*


So, we’re done!! Sorta…I mean, there is always room for improvement. Like a clawfoot tub.

But that will be in the future….the distant future….

Let me know what you think…

I’ve been looking at it for too long, and you know how that goes. I can’t see the forest for the trees. Any suggestions are totally welcome!!!


 *this is my favorite part…I call it “heifer board“, it’s the Farmer’s Trophy Wife equivalent of driftwood…boards that are around waterers or feed troughs that the cattle rub soft and smooth with their gorgeous silky necks and natural oils. LOVE THIS! I collect it every time we redo the fences and use it here there and everywhere. Remind me to show you my bookcases sometime!*




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Home Sweet Home


*image from House of Turquoise*

I am currently still working on our bathroom project. The shower is in, the walls and cabinets are painted….now I’m just trying to put together the decor. And having a blast! I love decorating…and thinking and planning the decorating. And this bathroom image is so gorgeous and inspiring….motivation to keep on with my project! When I get done, I’ll post some pictures!!!

Home Sweet Home

House Renos!

If you haven’t heard, I get to redo our bathroom! I love it! And now, my new favorite thing to do is watch home decorating shows while working out. Have you heard of Sarah’s House??!?!

Sarah Richardson is fantastic….and this season she’s redoing a farmhouse. The decorating isn’t 100% practical for farm life, but the overall look is GORGEOUS!! I am in absolute awe of how she can pick fabric and create a whole look, and the colors….amazing!!

Actually, I’m quite jealous of how she can create such gorgeous rooms….her talent is amazing! Granted she has an  unlimited budget, a whole staff of people helping her and all the time in the world to peruse stores for that perfect item….

Ok, now I’m thinking I want this job. Where do I apply?!

 This bathroom is sooooo calm…

Vintage bargain

 And this is from Sarah’s own cottage at the Lake. I swoon over this dining room!!

Dining Room Design


I LOVE the blues in this….

Living Room Design


  This kitchen makes me want to cook…….and that takes A LOT!!

Kitchen Design



I want this chandelier… 


Again, loving the blue!! 


Everything about this I like……so nice!


The orange in this….so pretty!


And now I need to get decorating!!!!

Home Sweet Home


We are currently undergoing some bathroom renovations. I am SO excited!! Decorating and renovating are two things that I really love doing….well, the planning is actually the most fun. I have something that I call my “someday” files….this is were I stash the hundreds of pages I have ripped out of magazine over the last few years.

I keep ideas for everything…pictures of fireplaces that I love (field stone by the way!), ideas for paint colors, decorating ideas, project plans. Basically as I flip through magazines, anything and everything that catches my eye is added to my files. And when it comes time to actually decorate or reno…I have hundreds of ideas and pictures right at my finger tips. I LOVE it!

Something that I really enjoy doing is paging through the pictures and making plans. I have painted our tv room dark indigo blue after a page from a Martha Stewart article, and I just bought a chandelier from Ikea for $45.00…my husband has always wanted an antler chandelier, but of course the several hundred-dollar price tag has kept us from that. My plan for this simple, plain iron-wrought light is to weave our found antler sheds into it. Same look, 1/10 the price! And where did I get this fabulous idea??? That’s right, my lovely file folder!

Interior design is something that makes my heart race and yet, I have little to no natural talent in this area…..but, with the “someday” files, I don’t need talent. I can steal other’s ideas…mix and match to my heart’s content and am left with a home that is “us”, that will never look like an exact copy because it’s a bunch of ideas from a hundred different sources!

My dream bathroom will be some sort of combination of  this….


(Above photos from Small Place Style…a blog that I love!)

090202_lrb_6733at home with white 14.jpg

(Above photos are from The City Sageanother blog I love!!)

But of course, I’ll add a little western flair and end up with one that will make me smile as I relax in my (soon to be) clawfoot tub with a drink and a good book!

I can’t wait!!!!!