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  1. My daughter saw an Antler Neckless you posted on Pinterest and I want to get it for her. Have any idea who sells it? Thanks for your help.

    1. hi John! could you email the picture to me at thefarmerstrophywife(at) and I will see what I can do!!

  2. Where do I get directions for the chocolate pine trees that decorate white cake on Pinterest? Thanks

  3. I saw you facebook post about the boots!!!

  4. Victoria Périgaud Avatar
    Victoria Périgaud

    I just saw your facebook post! So a quick reply for the boot giveaway! So looking forward to many more awesome blogs etc from the Farmers Trophy Wife! Enjoy reading it all! Blessings

  5. Anna-Lina Olsen Avatar
    Anna-Lina Olsen

    I just saw your facebook post! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  6. I am looking for a cute summer dress to go with these boots – any help would be great…

  7. Yay! gift ideas too! this is great! i’m a blingy kind of girl are you? this is my style bling bling 🙂 I can’t wait to see everything you post on Pinterest and Twitter yayyy!

  8. hi,
    So I follow your blog, facebook, twitter, ….
    I would like some ideas for next week. I have a trade show at the red bluff bull sale here in california. Its rainy this week and so I am not to sure what I should where that will look great and in style while being confortable standing around all 5 days and loading and unloading my booth on two of the days. Any help would be great!!! hope to hear from you.
    here is my facebook so you can see the type of stuff i am trying out at the trade show. While looking great!

    Dreams 2 Designs by Senter

  9. Looking for something to spend your Christmas money from your grandma on – check out – it is a Canadian Company that makes beautiful siver jewlery with fingerprints – mine has my little boys – but you could do have your grandma and or yoru children do one. They are well made, and I think timelessly beautiful. I wear mine almost everyday. This is classy “mom” jewlery that I am proud to wear.

    1. What a nice idea!! And for Mother’s Day too…hmmm, might have to drop some hints!


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