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(Due to the ecookbook being an instant download/printable product, I do not offer refunds or returns at this time. However, I do want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your product or this website, please email me at the address below or send me a message using the following form. )

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  1. Hi Cathryn – I follow you on fb, blog etc. I haven’t posted for a while.. but can you style me for my wedding??
    My love proposed right before we went to the Steamboat Springs Musicfest in January, which was amazing!
    We both have been married twice before (it took awhile to find true love)
    We live in Texas and will have our wedding on a ranch property with a barn.. probably in June.. which will be hot!

    I’m just at a huge loss of what to wear besides boots of course!.. it is my 3rd marriage.. so obviously I won’t wear white! and I’m 48! ha!

    I’m a huge Junk Gypsy fan like you!

    thanks so much!

    1. I will get on this!! fun! and congratulations!!

      1. thanks!! I will email you pic of the boots I think I’m wearing.. we went to see the ranch property and I totally fell in love!.. check it out


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