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If I KNEW I was worthy..

What would I…what COULD I do if I knew I was 100% worthy of _________(fill in blank here with your biggest dream)________________________.


India Arie in an interview with Oprah said this is what she meditates on when she has something she needs to think on, decide on or do.

If I KNEW I was 100% worthy of writing a book.

  • I would have done it 10x by now
  • it would be on the best sellers list already
  • you would be so sick of hearing my name because of all the publicity (lol)
  • I would spend my days writing in the peace and quiet while the kids are at school…AND MAKE MONEY DOING IT
  • My job search would be over because this writing gig would be IT

So why DON’T I write?

  • I don’t think I’m “qualified” enough (what does that even mean?!)
  • I can’t think of “what” to write (no huge book idea is burning in my brain)
  • I don’t have time…(found 1-2 hours to peruse Pinterest today though)
  • it will be hard (even though 1000s (millions?!) of others have found out ways to get a book published)
  • no one will read it (actually this last one doesn’t really bother me…just PUBLISHING a book would be thrilling enough)

What would YOU do if you KNEW you were 100% worthy?

(Because you are you know….deep down, you know you are supposed to do it, dream it, live it…because why else do you keep hearing it being whispered to your soul?!)

Love ya babes~


My Thoughts


I like this word.

Randomly yelling it is fun (think Friends episode…).

But so is utilizing it in your life. What better way to think of how you move through life/your career than having a series of pivots to get you to where you are going.

I heard about describing the twists and turns in life as pivots from Cathy Heller, podcaster from Don’t keep your day job.

Love it.

She describes how not one single guest on her show has ever started with an idea, executed it and then made money. Every single one had several pivots in the path. You start by taking an action step…whatever that may be…and grow/pivot your way through life always going towards your light. Going towards what lights you up, what you are enthusiastic about, where you lose track of time doing something you love. (Which is a whole other topic!!)

I am going to start describing my path/process as pivoting…as I said before, I’m a dreamer and LOVE trying new things…and this term, Pivot, describes my process 100%. I find something interesting…fall down the rabbit hole of learning about it…then it leads me to something new and exciting.


So brace yourselves….the latest rabbit hole has led me to podcasting!! LOL I’m going to give it a whirl and see what happens!! I have an idea of what the theme should be…I LOVE talking…(!!)…and if it’s a topic I’m interested in, time flies by!! My struggles will be with editing and producing…but heck…YouTube will be my guiding light!

Stay tuned! I’m hoping to launch soon!!

My Thoughts

Being a dreamer…

I’m a drifter. A dabbler. A try-everything-at-least-once kinda gal.

What can I say?! I see so many amazing and different ideas, projects, plans, hobbies, classes, etc and I want to try them all on for size! If they don’t “blow my hair back”, I move on the next adventure…

This has taken me to many fun places and I have learned many different skills over the years. And MAN is it fun!!!!

The downfall?! That I’ve noticed over time that this rubs some people the wrong way. Why?! I’m not 100% sure, but i think it has to do with “sticking things out” and about not being “wishy-washy” or “flaky”.

And I get it. Drifting from one activity to hobby to project is anxiety ridden to some personalities…They like stable, predictable and reliable. Who wouldn’t?!

But for me…I like to dream. To experience as much of this big, beautiful, sequin and glitter filled world has to offer and cram in as much fun as possible before I can’t.

We get one ride folks. And trust me, I’ve seen just how short the ride can be for some. And anyone that I have ever met that is given an actual timeline says THE SAME THING.


Whatever IT is, go out and try it, live it, emerse yourself in it…

This amazing world offers us more than we can even dream, and it is all ours for the trying, experimenting and living!!



My Thoughts

It’s Amazing…

About a month ago, I started getting a meal kit delivery once a week. I order three meals for a week for four people. It’s delivered right to my door every Monday and…


Omigawd you guys. I thought I disliked cooking. I really did. But this has changed my tune! I realized I don’t dislike cooking…I dislike trying to figure out WHAT to cook.

Once that is decided for me and is laid out with all the ingredients and recipe…it’s actually delightful! LOL

Don’t get me wrong, the minute I win the lotto, I’m hiring a chef…but until then, this will work wonderfully!! I look forward to each week, it’s different meals all the time and so far I’ve loved 80% of them! Of course the odd one is a miss, but eh, can’t win them all!!

This feeds into my slowly evolving E-cookbook…it’s coming together and I LOVE it! 20 ground beef recipes. Ground beef only. Why?! Because that’s what I have 300 pounds of in my freezer at any given time! LOL And I have been constantly frustrated with coming up with ideas to use said ground beef…now I have 20 fabulous recipes at my fingertips and it’s GOLD!!

I’m looking forward to showing you this book when it’s completed, whenever that will be…I’ve been busy here on the farm, homeschooling three kids because of Alberta’s restrictions and we’ve been seeding….sigh. The plan is for the kids get to go back tomorrow to school so maybe…just maybe it will be done by the end of the month?! If not…it will be by June! (I hope!)

Cheers Babes!


My Thoughts

Now what?!

Anyone out there ever do something scary?

Something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and into, well…someplace different?

Or not?

I’ve been in both places. I’ve found myself standing in my world, looking around and realizing I was content. Happy, but definitely in a place that felt easy and reliable. Not a bad place overall…but eh….

And I’ve leapt. I’ve made decisions that pushed me into a scary, unfamiliar and uncomfortable place. Not bad either, it was just somewhere that made my heart race a little more.

Which is better?!

I actually am working on the answer to that.

I haven’t decided.

But what I do know is that fabulous things don’t happen in a comfort zone. Nothing that knocks your socks off and becomes a memory happens when you are in a routine and working at a level that is just the status quo.

So I’m trying new things. Reading books that are expanding my brain. Connecting with people that are pushing me to do and try new things. Making changes that will (hopefully!) take our family on new adventures.

I’ll let you know how it works out!


My Thoughts


Thanks for joining me on this adventure! I am excited to get started, and well…where do I start?! LOL

So many things to post about and so little planned/organized. Story of my life!

I guess I’ll just start with elaborating on me and my life.

Growing up on a cattle/grain farm and then marrying a farmer means I have 40+ years of life on the farm. And boy, going from a farm kid to a farm wife was a heck of a learning curve. I thought I knew what I was getting into….bahahahahaha…

Raising kids and being a functioning member of the team, plus working off the farm is a whole other ball game than simply getting to be a kid that was lucky enough to have ponies and fresh batches of kittens every summer. I actually had to cook and clean…not only for myself but for a slew of muddy kids and a farmer that are in and out of the house on a very frequent basis. I cook for up to 15 people depending on the season and am the parts runner/field runner/gopher/hired man when the need arises.

Sigh, I’m tired just thinking of it all!

That said, in that learning curve I’ve discovered a few tricks and tips of the trade. I am by no means a housekeeping wizard or a gourmet chef, but I’ve managed to keep the wheels on the bus this far!

I’ve also been described as “so extra” by my 13 year old; I think that has something to do with the fact that I love sequins, fringe, rhinestones and leopard…so brace yourself…you never know what I’ll come up with next!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t fess up to the main reason for relaunching this site…my e-cookbook.

I got tired of making the same darn recipes over and over for the hundreds of pounds of hamburger I always have in the freezers…so I got creative and came up a cookbook featuring JUST ground beef! I know….amazing…lol It’s almost available for purchase…see the above tab (The Tasty Cow) if you are interested in more details!!
Thanks babes!!

That’s it for now…talk to you soon!


My Thoughts

My new hobby…

Hello darlings!!!

I hope you are all well and that the holidays and New Year have been wonderful?!

Mine was and I started a new hobby/habit while I was at it!


It is seriously addicting!!! I got started via my dad, who has been doing it on and off for years, and I love it. Remember how I was looking for a creative outlet? I think this is the one for me…

My Thoughts


hard to find the motivation to stay in the house and clean when the sweet spring air is out there…

but then there is the wind. that darn wind.


what to do?

i know…blog!


that is a fantastic waste, er, way to spend my next hour. laundry be damned.

but i have nothing to blog about. seriously. i am empty of ideas. i have been struggling with that lately. motivation and finding something that i am excited about. i need a hobby. one that fires my creative side and i can do for a few moments between laundry and dishes and cleaning toilets (ugh) as a reward for functioning like a normal human being. i envy those girls like Becky of Prairie Rose Leather and Beadwork or Twisted Pistol or Linnden of Urban Cowgirl Co. . They all have hobbies…artistic and beautiful hobbies that actually can earn them a little money. Any ideas out there?! I don’t like knitting or crocheting, i can’t paint or draw to save my life…help!! this has been on my mind for a while now. I can’t stop obbsessing over the fact that other than gardening (which i do love) i have no hobbies. my grandparents had a woodworking shop and a painting studio in their home, i am blaming them for my restless creative soul. but what to do? and how to start? where did those girls learn to do leather work? where do i start? i do have a little area all my own carved out in my house where i can make messes, that’s a start!

help me darlings!!!

My Thoughts

look of the week…

do i even remember how to do this?!


i think it went something like this…pick a photo of some celebrity/model looking good (and in something that would translate to our western fashion world) and post it…

something like that anyways…

here it goes…

(gawd i am out of touch with how to work this wordpress site and polyvore….)

Twine & Twig Jewelry:

this look is from Twine & Twig…one of my FAVORITE places for necklaces….i love the antler tip ones, i am slowly collecting. so far i have one………