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Top 100…Guest Post!

I am so happy to introduce ANOTHER guest blogger!!

Aren’t I a lucky girl to have such amazing blogger friends?!! Today is Brandy from Cashmere & Camo… a fab blog from an Alberta girl who LOVES her fashion and hunting…can’t get a better combo than that!

This post is another addition to the “TOP 100 can’t live without items“!!

C&C Wishlist

When the FTW asked me to come up with a list of my top ten items that I love and need, I thought it would be easy! But when I got down to the brass tacks of writing out my list I realized my wants and needs weren’t jiving.  As life evolves so does my list so as of today my top 10 things I LOVE but necessarily don’t need, but WANT anyways  are:

1. Shearling Ranch Coat– I love soft, classic shearling! Combine that with the practical idea of a ranch coat and I have a very romantic vision of going out to the barn on a winter morning and saddling up my horse in style.


2. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch- I’m not even particular on which one, I love them all!

3. Valentino Dress- I’m currently in love with lace and would love a classic Valentino shift that can transition through the years.

4.    Old Gringo Erin Bone Boots- Ok, maybe jumping the gun here but I would love these boots for summer or even a wedding look?


5. Tom Ford Sunglasses- It’s hard to find them in Canada but every time I see a pair of sunglasses I like it turns out to be Tom Ford.


6. Doloris Petunia Cuff- These cuff’s have a vintage flair with enough glitter and glam to make a statement every time.  They would make a great investment piece to my accessories collection!


7. Western Inspired Doctor’s Bag- I have always wanted a classic leather Dr’s bag to use as a carry on or weekend bag.  Found this vintage one at Modern that I love.


8. Ralph Lauren Leather Corset Belt- My all time favorite designer Mr. Ralph Lauren. I would love to splurge and get one of the corset belts for dresses and jackets. 

9. Pewter & Antler Handled Serving Tray- I love the changes Eddie Bauer has made to their store, from the outerwear to their Home section.  This serving tray is on my list for heirloom items I’d love to have.

10. Pendleton Bedding Set– A throw is defiantly on my Christmas list this year, but I’ve looked at some of their amazing bedding and would love to snuggle up in something like this….
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Top 100…guest post!!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope your weekend was great and that you avoided the crowds, malls and crazy parking lots!! I did a whole bunch of nothing and enjoyed every minute!

Today I am so excited to have another guest blogger!!! Welcome Suzie from UrbanCountryStyle and thanks so much for joining in the fun!! I asked Suzie to continue our “Top 100…can’t live without”post series and she was super excited to share!! Suzie has a FABULOUS blog that I totally recommend checking out…it’s full of fashion, home decor and food! What more could anyone ask for?!

Suzie Salmon’s Top Ten

I’ve made this little Polyvore set as a guide to my top ten, but as you will all see, I can turn that 10 into nearly 100 because I like to bend the rules a little 😉

Suzie Salmon's Top Ten List

1. JEANS-My all time favorite jeans are my William Rast skinny jeans but I also love my Levis boyfriends, and of course my boot-cut True Religions, and I cannot forget my Joe Fresh collection either…JEANS they are my go to item. Dress them up, dress them down, what’s not to love about that!

2. LONG-SLEEVED WHITE TEES- I love them with jeans, under scratchy sweaters, layered under a plaid shirt, with PJ bottoms. I’ll wear them almost anywhere! I buy half a dozen at the beginning of the winter season and then I replace them with?…you guessed it, short-sleeved white tees for summer!

3. JEAN JACKETS- I have many and I almost NEVER buy them new. I go to the Thrift Store and pick them up for about $5 and when I’m tired of one I’ll re-donate it so the Thrift Store can sell it again! I imagine everyone doing this and hope that the Hospice Society that my Thrift Store supports averages about $100 per jacket over time!

4. FUR VESTS-well fur anything actually, but I love the look of layering a great fur vest over the jean jacket. It’s a huge upgrade and updated version of my old down vests. It allows you to take me out almost anywhere eh?

5. PENDELTON SCARF-again, Pendelton anything. I love their blankets so much that I keep collecting them hoping one day to make a quilted Pendleton jacket…I’m kidding of course…If you catch me in anything quilted you can officially take my blog away from me!!!

6.BOOTS!!!! Enough said? I will wear them in any style, anywhere, in every way. My favorites are my old Ariats. I think I could run a half marathon in them since they are THAT comfy! I also love my Frye boots and my vintage cowboy boots. The vintage pairs are beautifully worn. I often find myself wondering what cowboy fell off his horse at a rodeo, and while he was knocked out who is the person who stole his boots and put them in the vintage store for me to find? I almost forgot to mention my riding boots in every color, my hunter boots in black gatorish pattern, and my OTKs in black suede…I guess BOOTS should have been my number one mention, right?

7. DR HAUSCHKA’S SKIN CARE- This is pretty much the only thing that I can use on my face. I’m ultra sensitive, and this just whisks the make-up away in a very gentle way. At night, there’s no night cream in their regiment (they say you don’t need it as your own skin does the work if you let it). This suits the tired and LazySuzie that usually appears right after dinner.

8. NEUTROGENA SPRAY ON SUNSCREEN-I love that when you put this on, you have no idea you’re wearing it. No need to get icky sticky hands when you apply it as you just point and spray. And no need for someone to do your back because the spray reaches everywhere. It’s a sunscreen that gives me girl power, independence, and no tan lines! Pale is the new tan people!

9. MAC MAKEUP – I love Spice lipliner and Teddy for the eyes. I also love MAC’s Studio Fix powder as I hate liquid foundation. I have a thing about products you must apply that leave you wanting to wash your hands when you’re done. After I put on my YSL Sheer radiance in the a.m. then I dust on the Studio Fix with a foundation brush, line the eyes and lips, add a coat of gloss and I’m ready to go.

10. CROSS NECKLACES- I have a thing about them. I love them long, long, long…belly button long is ideal if you ask me! I have them in many colors, stones, non-stones, bling, everything but Turquoise…which is currently a work in progress that I’ll share when I have it in my hot little hands because it’s going to be a thing of beauty!

There you have it! Suzie Salmon’s top ten, magically multiplied by the powers of Suzie 🙂

Thanks for letting me stop by FTW. You know you’re my all time favorite gal, and it’s been an honor to be included here!


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Top 100…Guest post!!

Sooooo….I had a bunch of lovely ladies lined up to do some guest posts for the week that I was due with the babe.

And then, SURPRISE…

She showed up 3 weeks early.

So, the posts are here, I just wasn’t organized enough to have them posted last week! But this week, I have things somewhat under control…(LOL). I asked the ladies to write a post containing their top 10 must have items…I started a post series a while back that listed my top 100 items that I love and adore, and this is a continuation of that series…

Hello and welcome to Cheryl McMullen, designer of Double D Ranchwear…a clothing company that I have LONG been a fan of. Their line is western with a twist of fabulousness that only Double D can capture…check out their fall/winter 2011 line and get ready to start adding to your Christmas wish list!!!

Just 10?  Ok, let me narrow this down to the essentials. 

1.     Decleor Essentiel Balm – (essential is even in the name) Pricey but so worth every smear.  Developed to purify and soften the skin but, I use it on everything from cuts, burns, chapped lips, chaffing, tweezed brows , etc.   I keep a jar on my desk.

2.     Pandora Radio – just in you’ve been living in a cave, this is a music site where you can create up to 100 unique “stations” and refine them to suit your personal preferences.  Here is my Design Away station.

3.     LV Luggage – remember the old Chinese proverb, “ Buy the best, cry only once”.  My favorite “go to” piece is the Pegase 55 Business. It’s on wheels and stores easily in the overhead compartment.

4.     A Vintage Bandana – a soft vintage is best but Ralph Lauren makes some great ones too.

5.     Books, Books, Books – When I’m designing I don’t have a lot of time to read, so I download from Audible.  My favorite this year was, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, unabridged.

6.     Apple iMac  – with lightening speed Internet…..‘nuff said.

7.     A great turquoise necklace, ears and honking ring – Much like these from the Milliecent Rogers Museum.

8.     Fresh Flowers – …on my desk or bedside. Flower Girl Farms grows the most amazing blooms in the South Central Texas region.  Check her out for weddings too.

9.     My boys – Since there is no link for them, may I suggest a framed photo or two of your own precious-es. Photos are some of my favorite framing inspirations. Very creative and visually appealing.

10NIV Bible – because it’s the Truth.