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day with the kids


American Apparel lightweight shirt
31 CAD – etsy.com

WalG long sleeve blazer
42 CAD – houseoffraser.co.uk

Wrangler zipper fly jeans
61 CAD – amazon.com

Golden Goose black star boots
420 CAD – jades24.com

Kyler by Joy O ribbon jewelry
120 CAD – kylerdesigns.com

Retrò retro style glasses
60 CAD – choies.com

A Farmer's Trophy WIfe outfit for every occasion...A to Z


hot holiday


Antik Batik slimming summer dress
285 CAD – stylebop.com

Havaianas white strap sandals
42 CAD – allsole.com

Sun N Sand pocket tote bag
78 CAD – swimspot.com

Lens glasses
18 CAD – shein.com

A Farmer's Trophy WIfe outfit for every occasion...A to Z


Opps! Missed G…and H and I for that matter…lol

grocery shopping

T By Alexander Wang tee shirt
170 CAD – farfetch.com

Floral top
89 CAD – etsy.com

Stetson blue jeans
45 CAD – 6pm.com

Old West short boots
110 CAD – zappos.com

Mellow World fringe purse
125 CAD – wilsonsleather.com

Noir Jewelry crystal jewelry
37 CAD – theoutnet.com
garage sales


Aéropostale rock and roll t shirt
11 CAD – aeropostale.com

Torrid jean shorts
41 CAD – torrid.com

Birkenstock brown sandals
115 CAD – rubbersole.co.uk

Gap red purse
68 CAD – gap.com

NOVICA red earrings
45 CAD – novica.com

Tom Ford oversized sunglasses
425 CAD – flannels.com

A Farmer's Trophy WIfe outfit for every occasion...A to Z


Job interview
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I think this was a post I saved from eons ago when I was creating looks for the letters of the alphabet. It is still pretty so I figured I’d still share it!
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reader request…brigitte!

Hello dollies!
I have a few reader requests this week!
this one is from Brigitte, she is getting married in June in TEXAS (read HOT, HOT, HOT!!) in a barn wedding! She is looking for something less traditional and less bride-y…

Here are some ideas darling!!! (and CONGRATS!!!)

First off, FRINGE!

Nothing else screams western and is as untraditional as this…so of course I love it! 😉



or….lace?! but do it in something other than the standard  white or cream…


 and boots…well, the options are endless!!!!!!!




Fashion & Beauty · Reader Requests

reader request…veronica!

ok. I am pretty sure I missed this event for you Veronica…but just incase I didn’t…

“Hi my name is Veronica I live in Texas and as you should now the weather here is a bit bipolar one day is parka weather the next shorts n boots. I’m going to the rodeo this year twice one much needed date night with the hun and a girls night I need some two possible outfit ideas for each occasion and maybe a bi polar weather back up if you can style them with these boot rugs that’ll be great I have no idea what to do with me thanks a bunch
One of your biggest fans since polyvore”

p.s here are the boots she will be wearing!

Boot Rugs - Bravo Ranch

ok…here are some ideas!!!

Fashion & Beauty

ok. so this might be life changing…

I just found out that there are razors. for women.

for our faces.



I am in my thirties now and have facial hair. (brace yourselves my young chickens…it will come.)


what to do?!

wax? hell no.

lotion stuff? aggggghhhhhh…

so, what’s left?


somewhat embarrassing to admit, but a girls gotta do what a girls got to do…

and this post here

led me to this post here…

and now I am going to hunt these babies down…

Ardell Brow Trim and Shape Grooming Tool, 3-Count (Pack of 4) - List price: $13.96 Price: $11.14 Saving: $2.82 (20%) + Free Shipping

and shave!

Fashion & Beauty

reader request!

a few of you have asked about my favorite brand of jeans, both skinny and boyfriend.

my most favorite skinny jeans are these…

these are from FOREVER21 and are only $14!


I ordered them eons ago and they are soooooo comfy!

as close to wearing pajama jeans without actually wearing pajama jeans.

and since I’ve lost weight (!!) I went to order some more…but they don’t make them in skinny girl sizes, just plus. so I ordered a couple different styles in size 12. we’ll see if they measure up to my favorites…I will keep you updated!

as for you girlies in smaller than size 12. I don’t have any suggestions…what do you suggest?!

for my boyfriend jeans, I JUST found my favorite pair from JOE FRESH, they are actually men’s jeans. that I ripped and distressed myself. (I think I need a tutorial from those JG girls…maybe if we all facebook them they will do one?!)

what are your favorite boyfriend jeans?!



Fashion & Beauty · Reader Requests

reader request…Casey!

Told ya I’d get to some emails!!!

This one is from Casey, she is wondering about white jeans and brown boots…


or a no?

I think it’s a maybe…

If you are attempting to do serious western fashion, i’d say eh. unless you are a rodeo queen, I wouldn’t do it.

but, if you are going for “different”, its a yes.

something like this?!

white and brown