• motivation…

    hard to find the motivation to stay in the house and clean when the sweet spring air is out there… but then there is the wind. that darn wind. sigh. what to do? i know…blog! lol that is a fantastic waste, er, way to spend my next hour. laundry be damned. but i have nothing… Continue reading

  • Art on the wall…

    I found this blog whitefarmhouseblog that I adore… not only is she a mom of two toddlers on a working farm, she blogs, instagrams AND her house looks gorgeous… love it! Continue reading

  • G…

    Opps! Missed G…and H and I for that matter…lol grocery shopping by farmerstrophywife featuring blue jeans T By Alexander Wang tee shirt 170 CAD – farfetch.com Floral top 89 CAD – etsy.com Stetson blue jeans 45 CAD – 6pm.com Old West short boots 110 CAD – zappos.com Mellow World fringe purse 125 CAD – wilsonsleather.com Noir Jewelry crystal jewelry 37 CAD – theoutnet.com   garage sales by… Continue reading

  • J…

                                                                                                                 … Continue reading

  • look of the week…

    do i even remember how to do this?! lol i think it went something like this…pick a photo of some celebrity/model looking good (and in something that would translate to our western fashion world) and post it… something like that anyways… here it goes… (gawd i am out of touch with how to work this… Continue reading

  • Reader Request…Becky!

    hello dolls! i’m back… kinda. i mean, i’m rusty and all with this wordpress stuff, so stay with me through all the fumbling! lol I had a request from Becky!! (Hello!!!) Seriously…you guys are the best…the comments and emails make my day!! ANYWAYS… Becky has an important summer wedding this year…i am honored you asked… Continue reading

  • holy crap.

    i haven’t written in this blog in over two years… that’s craziness! anyone still out there?! lol i’m not sure why i decided to post today…just crossed my mind so i sat down to type. now to think of something interesting to type about….hmmmm… i have been keeping up a little in the social media… Continue reading

  • reader request…brigitte!

    Hello dollies! I have a few reader requests this week! this one is from Brigitte, she is getting married in June in TEXAS (read HOT, HOT, HOT!!) in a barn wedding! She is looking for something less traditional and less bride-y… Here are some ideas darling!!! (and CONGRATS!!!) First off, FRINGE! Nothing else screams western and is as… Continue reading

  • the star boots!

    I FINALLY found the original pin/blog for these boots!!! click here! —> wood&woolstool Continue reading

  • reader request…veronica!

    ok. I am pretty sure I missed this event for you Veronica…but just incase I didn’t… “Hi my name is Veronica I live in Texas and as you should now the weather here is a bit bipolar one day is parka weather the next shorts n boots. I’m going to the rodeo this year twice… Continue reading