I like this word.

Randomly yelling it is fun (think Friends episode…).

But so is utilizing it in your life. What better way to think of how you move through life/your career than having a series of pivots to get you to where you are going.

I heard about describing the twists and turns in life as pivots from Cathy Heller, podcaster from Don’t keep your day job.

Love it.

She describes how not one single guest on her show has ever started with an idea, executed it and then made money. Every single one had several pivots in the path. You start by taking an action step…whatever that may be…and grow/pivot your way through life always going towards your light. Going towards what lights you up, what you are enthusiastic about, where you lose track of time doing something you love. (Which is a whole other topic!!)

I am going to start describing my path/process as pivoting…as I said before, I’m a dreamer and LOVE trying new things…and this term, Pivot, describes my process 100%. I find something interesting…fall down the rabbit hole of learning about it…then it leads me to something new and exciting.


So brace yourselves….the latest rabbit hole has led me to podcasting!! LOL I’m going to give it a whirl and see what happens!! I have an idea of what the theme should be…I LOVE talking…(!!)…and if it’s a topic I’m interested in, time flies by!! My struggles will be with editing and producing…but heck…YouTube will be my guiding light!

Stay tuned! I’m hoping to launch soon!!

I love to hear what you think!!!

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