Being a dreamer…

I’m a drifter. A dabbler. A try-everything-at-least-once kinda gal.

What can I say?! I see so many amazing and different ideas, projects, plans, hobbies, classes, etc and I want to try them all on for size! If they don’t “blow my hair back”, I move on the next adventure…

This has taken me to many fun places and I have learned many different skills over the years. And MAN is it fun!!!!

The downfall?! That I’ve noticed over time that this rubs some people the wrong way. Why?! I’m not 100% sure, but i think it has to do with “sticking things out” and about not being “wishy-washy” or “flaky”.

And I get it. Drifting from one activity to hobby to project is anxiety ridden to some personalities…They like stable, predictable and reliable. Who wouldn’t?!

But for me…I like to dream. To experience as much of this big, beautiful, sequin and glitter filled world has to offer and cram in as much fun as possible before I can’t.

We get one ride folks. And trust me, I’ve seen just how short the ride can be for some. And anyone that I have ever met that is given an actual timeline says THE SAME THING.


Whatever IT is, go out and try it, live it, emerse yourself in it…

This amazing world offers us more than we can even dream, and it is all ours for the trying, experimenting and living!!



2 responses to “Being a dreamer…”

  1. I agree and I’m the same way!!

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