It’s Amazing…

About a month ago, I started getting a meal kit delivery once a week. I order three meals for a week for four people. It’s delivered right to my door every Monday and…


Omigawd you guys. I thought I disliked cooking. I really did. But this has changed my tune! I realized I don’t dislike cooking…I dislike trying to figure out WHAT to cook.

Once that is decided for me and is laid out with all the ingredients and recipe…it’s actually delightful! LOL

Don’t get me wrong, the minute I win the lotto, I’m hiring a chef…but until then, this will work wonderfully!! I look forward to each week, it’s different meals all the time and so far I’ve loved 80% of them! Of course the odd one is a miss, but eh, can’t win them all!!

This feeds into my slowly evolving E-cookbook…it’s coming together and I LOVE it! 20 ground beef recipes. Ground beef only. Why?! Because that’s what I have 300 pounds of in my freezer at any given time! LOL And I have been constantly frustrated with coming up with ideas to use said ground beef…now I have 20 fabulous recipes at my fingertips and it’s GOLD!!

I’m looking forward to showing you this book when it’s completed, whenever that will be…I’ve been busy here on the farm, homeschooling three kids because of Alberta’s restrictions and we’ve been seeding….sigh. The plan is for the kids get to go back tomorrow to school so maybe…just maybe it will be done by the end of the month?! If not…it will be by June! (I hope!)

Cheers Babes!


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