Now what?!

Anyone out there ever do something scary?

Something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and into, well…someplace different?

Or not?

I’ve been in both places. I’ve found myself standing in my world, looking around and realizing I was content. Happy, but definitely in a place that felt easy and reliable. Not a bad place overall…but eh….

And I’ve leapt. I’ve made decisions that pushed me into a scary, unfamiliar and uncomfortable place. Not bad either, it was just somewhere that made my heart race a little more.

Which is better?!

I actually am working on the answer to that.

I haven’t decided.

But what I do know is that fabulous things don’t happen in a comfort zone. Nothing that knocks your socks off and becomes a memory happens when you are in a routine and working at a level that is just the status quo.

So I’m trying new things. Reading books that are expanding my brain. Connecting with people that are pushing me to do and try new things. Making changes that will (hopefully!) take our family on new adventures.

I’ll let you know how it works out!


2 responses to “Now what?!”

  1. I am reading some interesting and challenging books and some fun reads as well.
    12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson
    The Stakes by Michael Anton
    Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey
    Fish Out of Water by Eric Metaxas

    Always fun to challenge ourselves in some
    Area of our life.

    1. fabulous suggestions!!! thank you!!

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