My new hobby…

Hello darlings!!!

I hope you are all well and that the holidays and New Year have been wonderful?!

Mine was and I started a new hobby/habit while I was at it!


It is seriously addicting!!! I got started via my dad, who has been doing it on and off for years, and I love it. Remember how I was looking for a creative outlet? I think this is the one for me…

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Custom ring. #westernsilversmith #learningtosilversmith

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3 responses to “My new hobby…”

  1. Ok sorry if this is a duplicate, not sure where my first comment went but…..OMG those rings are A-Mazing!! you are beyond talented….any chance you are going to be selling these? My fav is the last one….xoxoxo amy

  2. OMG those rings are amazing!!! You are beyond talented!! I would love to know if you are planning on selling …..amy xoxoxo

  3. Beautiful. I am enjoying all the Instagram posts showing your work.

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