hard to find the motivation to stay in the house and clean when the sweet spring air is out there…

but then there is the wind. that darn wind.


what to do?

i know…blog!


that is a fantastic waste, er, way to spend my next hour. laundry be damned.

but i have nothing to blog about. seriously. i am empty of ideas. i have been struggling with that lately. motivation and finding something that i am excited about. i need a hobby. one that fires my creative side and i can do for a few moments between laundry and dishes and cleaning toilets (ugh) as a reward for functioning like a normal human being. i envy those girls like Becky of Prairie Rose Leather and Beadwork or Twisted Pistol or Linnden of Urban Cowgirl Co. . They all have hobbies…artistic and beautiful hobbies that actually can earn them a little money. Any ideas out there?! I don’t like knitting or crocheting, i can’t paint or draw to save my life…help!! this has been on my mind for a while now. I can’t stop obbsessing over the fact that other than gardening (which i do love) i have no hobbies. my grandparents had a woodworking shop and a painting studio in their home, i am blaming them for my restless creative soul. but what to do? and how to start? where did those girls learn to do leather work? where do i start? i do have a little area all my own carved out in my house where i can make messes, that’s a start!

help me darlings!!!

8 responses to “motivation…”

  1. […] addicting!!! I got started via my dad, who has been doing it on and off for years, and I love it. Remember how I was looking for a creative outlet? I think this is the one for […]

  2. If you love to garden, do something with that. I started doing organic veggie starts and they sold like hotcakes! It starts at the end part of winter getting things started in the greenhouse (which spending time in a green house at the end of winter is heavenly). Then it’s a little crazy in the early spring while I’m transplanting and doing my big plant sale. Then I would spend the rest of my summer on my own garden, but then in the winter I get to buy seeds and make plans for the following year. Go with what you love!

    1. that sounds lovely! now….i need a greenhouse…

  3. I struggle with the same thing. I think I need to get out my Canon camera and revisit photography and give my phone a rest.

    1. photography is a good idea…i too use my phone too much…switching it out is a good idea!

  4. How about starting with felt chicadee ornaments for ME!! (Pinterest)

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