holy crap.

i haven’t written in this blog in over two years…

that’s craziness!

anyone still out there?!


i’m not sure why i decided to post today…just crossed my mind so i sat down to type.

now to think of something interesting to type about….hmmmm…

i have been keeping up a little in the social media world, my twitter…no, instagram…yes! facebook…kinda. i do follow a TON of fabulous women out there doing their thing to keep western fashion alive and well out there…something that was SERIOUSLY lacking back in the day when i started my blog. and i am very serious when i say i am one of the old babes that definitely can’t or don’t want to try to keep up with these new ladies…they are young, single or newly married (most with no kids = which means FREE TIME AND MONEY!!) lol, and they are doing a fabulous job with carrying the torch. I feel no urge to “compete” or even try to join. i am liking my little farm life with the occasional touch of media in it. although pinterest has me addicted…damn pinterest…oh…i’m active there too! that’s one more place my little farmer’s trophy wife self is out there.

who do i follow you ask!? the first two that come to mind are:

the buckaroo girl…gawd is she a cutie. her accents, bouncy blonde personality and her OUTFITS!!! are a killer combo. i am addicted to her instagram feed!

the bleacher babe…another blonde babe that has carved a niche for herself. love it. she has formed a group called the bleacher babe squad filled with women all over the states that are lovely and have fabulous western lifestyles and they all share over instagram!

when i think of more i will add to this post…

what have you been doing? married? kids? new life? career? i mean, it has been two years. something amazing must have been happening!?!


8 responses to “holy crap.”

  1. Yeah!! I’m glad to see you posting again.

  2. So YOU are an old babe?!


    I soooo disagree, and I don’t feel as though there is only room for the young ladies on here.

    At the end of the day, we ALL age, and we are all relevant and valuable in that time and place for someone. There is room for young and old-er/ish.

    PS still love hearing your voice! Come blog with me 💕


    1. hello darling!! i might take you up on that offer…let’s see if i can keep up with this ol’ blog first! 😉

  3. Hello! So good to see your blog, it has been a long time. I still follow a few blogs too, and addicted to Pinterest. Polyvore is still my go to for styling outfits from my actual closet or clothes I long to add to my closet. Two years is a long time and, life happens. I have lost two sisters in that time got back down to my fighting weight. Went from blond to my natural brunette color and cut my long hair do a shoulder length bob. I kind had to take a break too. I am so glad you are back.
    Deborah Wiltshire Whaley

    1. a lot has happened to you over two years. i am so sorry about your sisters…that is something life changing.
      i am glad to hear from you, thanks so much for being a part of my blogging life!!

  4. Keep’m com’n! I love your blog!

    1. sooo sweet! i didn’t know people still knew i existed…lol

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