aw. screw it.

I have been feeling so guilty,

I keep pinning fall stuff, dreaming of sweater wearing days…even ordered a pair of these bad boys…

Manitobah Mukluks Gatherer boots

*from Manitobah Mukluks*

but I was doing it all in secret.

well not anymore.

thanks to miss Mallory-Jane,

I am coming out.

fall is way to short of a season, so what the hell.

Sipping in the great outdoors*image from here*

i’m fall-ing it up around here!
it’s September.
the combines are rolling.
I am planning on doing the pickling and such this week…
so even though the grass is still green,

i’m calling it.

Happy Fall Y’all!

6 responses to “aw. screw it.”

  1. Fall is too short, in fact I wish fall was longer & winter was shorter!

  2. been missing your posts….. 🙂

    1. aw thx! i’m back in the groove I think…we’ll see! 😉

  3. Wow I love those Mukluks. I checked them out but they are a bit out of my budget! Maybe that’ll have a sale some time. Good to see you back blogging. You know Roundtop, Texas week is coming up. You coming back?

    1. Round top is right during harvest here…so no. 😩

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