reader request!

a few of you have asked about my favorite brand of jeans, both skinny and boyfriend.

my most favorite skinny jeans are these…

these are from FOREVER21 and are only $14!


I ordered them eons ago and they are soooooo comfy!

as close to wearing pajama jeans without actually wearing pajama jeans.

and since I’ve lost weight (!!) I went to order some more…but they don’t make them in skinny girl sizes, just plus. so I ordered a couple different styles in size 12. we’ll see if they measure up to my favorites…I will keep you updated!

as for you girlies in smaller than size 12. I don’t have any suggestions…what do you suggest?!

for my boyfriend jeans, I JUST found my favorite pair from JOE FRESH, they are actually men’s jeans. that I ripped and distressed myself. (I think I need a tutorial from those JG girls…maybe if we all facebook them they will do one?!)

what are your favorite boyfriend jeans?!



4 responses to “reader request!”

  1. Cassie Everson Avatar
    Cassie Everson

    My favorite Skinny’s are the Big Star 1974 Jealousy’s.. Kinda Spendy but worth EVERY PENNY! When it comes to boyfriend jeans, Express actually really really has some awesome ones. I’m quite impressed with them!

  2. As a skinnier girl my favorite skinny jean brand is Silver! I have a small waist and a bigger butt and thighs so I can’t just buy from any store. They are a little pricier but worth the money because they actually fit me unlike Levi’s and American Eagle to name a few.

  3. As a skinnier girl I LOVE my silver brand skinny jeans! They are expensive but worth every penny. I have a small waist and a big butt and thighs so I can just buy something from any store. Levi’s don’t fit me right and American Eagle jeans are terrible on me. That’s my skinny jean two cents =)

  4. I love how your favourite jeans are only $14 from Forever21, that is so great! I’m over everybody wearing Acne and True Religion jeans just for the label, when in reality jeans like these are the very best!

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