good video!!!

ok. saw this today on facebook via George Takei,

I love it.

this is Steve Grand, one of the first openly gay male country music singers and his newest single/album.

this video is good. I love the song and he is such a good actor, I can feel his angst.

so I thought i’d share!

p.s. if you aren’t a fan or for some other reason feel the need to post anything negative, don’t.

you will be wasting only your time. it won’t be published and I won’t waste my time reading or responding to it.

and yes, I am “pro” gay marriage, because I am always in favor of love, always and forever.

2 responses to “good video!!!”

  1. Great song…great video. Very tastefully done. Heart break is heart break no matter what. Love your direct and to the point attitude!!

  2. I love you for that!! I agree wholeheartedly!

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