reader request…Casey!

Told ya I’d get to some emails!!!

This one is from Casey, she is wondering about white jeans and brown boots…


or a no?

I think it’s a maybe…

If you are attempting to do serious western fashion, i’d say eh. unless you are a rodeo queen, I wouldn’t do it.

but, if you are going for “different”, its a yes.

something like this?!

white and brown

6 responses to “reader request…Casey!”

  1. What a great post sharing the versatility and practicality of cowboy boots! I love pairing them with printed dresses for a look that is casual and also stylish, but I had never considered wearing them with maxi skirts! Thanks for the great ideas.


  2. Cassie Everson Avatar
    Cassie Everson

    I think this is awesome! Of course LOVE the Double D Boots 😉 – orange, white and brown, fantastic. Maybe a mustard and gold necklace??

  3. I don’t do white jeans for some reason. But these outfits look cute!

    1. I had an unfortunate incident involving white jeans and a piece of chocolate when I was 13. scarred me for life. so I hear ya babe.

  4. Thank you!! I love it!!

    1. you are so welcome! thanks for reading and writing!!!!!!

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