My Thoughts

what’s up?!

not too much here.
just kids, farm, life. you know how it goes…the pile of laundry is higher than the washing machine.

how about’s you?!

I have been getting quite a few fabulous emails from you all and I love it! I know I don’t get back to you right away, but please know, I read each and every one. and they make my day every time.

and few of you have some questions!!

my goal for the next week is to actually answer you! wanna see if I can actually do this?! lol

my laundry can wait!

first up…a huge hello to Elaine Fritz, Amy Barsi, Casey Johnson, Elizabeth Goetz, Cassie Bahnmiller, Mary-Kate Tucker, Lacey Follensbee, Lana Closs, Carrie Kieschnick and Heide Anderson!

I swear, I have read your emails/messages and plan to answer!!!

I just need to go throw a load of laundry in and I’ll be back…


2 thoughts on “what’s up?!

  1. I’m searching for a great pair of boyfriend jeans… And skimmer jeans? Any recommendations?
    Oh and I just placed my first online order with the Junk Gypsy’s! : )
    (not my first time online shopping, just first time from them!!! Lol)
    Can’t wait for my stuff to arrive!!

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