i can’t…i don’t…i have no words…

everytime I think I can handle the awesomeness that is the Junk Gypsy girls,

I sit down to read a new post and they do this…



seriously. I die.

how/what do I have to do (eek…pay?!) to get you girlies up here to Canada?!?!

p.s. I ❤ you guys…

10 responses to “i can’t…i don’t…i have no words…”

  1. Why , OH WHY do I love those glittered duck decoys sooooo much?

    1. gah! I KNOW!! if you make some, will ya send me one?! (we both know you are a TAD better at DIY than I am!!)

  2. i know. my brain nearly exploded!

  3. That party is adorable! It was the party for the Duck Dynsasty daughter huh? Perfection

    1. I hope there will be an episode with it all in!!!

  4. They have such talent! I love how every time I checked their site, I always end up smiling! Just pure happiness!

  5. Truly amazing!!! That Sadie is a lucky girl! I’m sure you can figure out a why to lure the gypsies to Canada….

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