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highlights from my TEXAS trip!

ok, i will be the first to admit, i take crappy pictures. when i do take them.

so what i am saying is…

i have no record of my FABULOUS trip.

i am a terrible blogger!

but i did have an amazing time!! again. and we are already planning to go back next year!!

1- the FOOD!!!

ate at Royer’s…

Tara Royer Steele

and gots to meet Tara(the pie queen herself!!) finally!!


seriously. fried chicken, PIE, potato salad,PIE, buns and raspberry lemonade. and PIE.

to die for.

the hype is because it is fabulous. i am SOOO booking a table for supper next year!

(and uh, Tara, can i get the recipe for the potato salad!? i wanna be the coolest farmer’s wife out there and WOW them at brandings this year!!!)

2- the shopping.


spent some time shopping in Austin AND of course, down at the Round Top Antique grounds…

brought some fab stuff back!! but NO boots.

craziness i know! i just didn’t find any that blew my hair back. the girls i brought with me did though…a pair or two each!

the pastures were full of amazing, fabulous and heartbreaking stuff. heartbreaking in that NEXT TIME i am driving a semi trailer down. i have to. i might not live through another trip where i have to walk away from the furniture of my dreams…


3- the people!!

i didn’t get to see/meet half the people i was hoping too…darn cell phone service!

i am still sad. (ms. CHEEKS…wah!)

next year?! we will have to make more concrete plans!! (maybe Royer’s for dinner!?)

i did get to meet some locals (and yes, HI JOLIE!!), but most of them, once they found out we were from Canada, blamed us for bringing the cold weather!! lol. i denied it, but i will admit, it was easier to tour the grounds wearing every sweater i brought vs. sweating my brains out like last year…the friday and saturday however, the weather was GORGEOUS!!!

and there is a TON more to blab about, but i’ll save that for another day!!

did you go?! what was your top three?!

4 thoughts on “highlights from my TEXAS trip!

  1. GIRL! i thought the same durn thing. 5 seconds outside of the cafe didn’t cut it. NEXT time, reservations at the cafe together are a MUST! markin it on my calendar RIGHT now! MUAH!

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