My Thoughts

i am GONE!

and i’m off like a herd of turtles…

TEXAS baby!

and i will think of all of you every minute i am gone! 😉

until i get back…

here are some things i am loving on these days!!

luv u!


(print for sale here!!)

these are pretty!

(from here)


new blogger!!! check her out here!! (she’s gonna attempt to mend her man’s jeans…bahaha…i don’t think that has ever even crossed my mind.

i am a terrible wife…

yes. i caved. i bought probably the most expensive makeup highlighter ever made…

and i don’t even feel bad about it! 😉

2 thoughts on “i am GONE!

  1. Ummm I can speak for a few of us when I say “Get out!!! Soooo jealous!!!” Bring us home pictures of you in your pearls as your rocking out with the gypsy girls! 😉

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